Microsoft forms a coalition to "combat disinformation" online

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COMPLY or zer wil be conzequences

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Has anyone else seen gates portfolio?. I think he own 20% of Walmart plus a percentage of bayer/ Monsanto who produces about 85%if not more, of our food.

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For FFS…dejavu like a mofo just now…

Oh?. He is very crooked, isn’t he.

So crooked, he makes George Takei look straight!

Yer pic is what got me. Felt like I seen it years ago.

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Funny. Yes, I was sitting around and decided to look at his portfolio, and all of the pieces came together of just how he is playing the game. Bill Gates’ Stock Portfolio: All 24 Holdings Analyzed Sure Dividend


lol we are all done, there will be no more truth there will only be what they say…

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The fat lady hasn’t started singing yet…

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Look my dear Watson a pattern is emerging!

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Just another attempt by media moguls to limit free speech, and stifle dissent. The BBC has a blatantly one sided approach to political opinion, and it is easy to understand why they would want to censor any opinion which is contrary to their propaganda. Beneath contempt.

Well i hope they censor Bill gates` ass first and foremost!

Noone told young billy boy,

He is also owner of id2020…and has been for a while.

In a normal world…conflict of interest at least.

It way too past prosecuting people like that…It’s far more than that.

We are officially enslaved.

I just hope colonies will be a reality.
I ain’t getting that poison.


To one its disinformation, to another its the updated news We should not allow others[computers/servers] to invoke filters because of party bias, or truth hurts, how many people has Gates killed due to his vaccine, even gloating if vaccine is done right 10-15 percent depopulation start in Africa first as they’re not worthy of anything, yea we just shoot it into [kid] veins. Such arsine statements come true, with his billions will he pay the families any condolence money? Greed consumes him best investment he has made 10 Million becomes 200 Million funding world depopulation, but mums the word on this MSM can’t be allowed to broadcast any vaccine deaths, now can we?

I dont even think conflict of interest applys to anyone but us usless eaters as bill gates calls us. I sit here each day and try to read everything… this post is right on the money. THE BIG BOYS of the world are either gonna teamup or each has his own plan how to comeout thelast one standing…even above world governments…I think they will all join forces to beat the world governments…its all about who go the biggest rocket off this planet once they decide to start the beginning of the end. Control will not get it anymore…tthey will have to join forces to try and take it all over and use eugenics to rebuild.All whilethey will be off planet looking down on us…itsmore than gates. Great post. I cant pin but this is gold.