Mild Side Effects of Covid Vaccine - Cacafuego for Fopdoodle's

When you take DNA changing vaccine be assured that “mild side effects” will be everything but mild.

Mild side effects from above are cacafuego for fopdoodle’s, this UK lady who participated in the Covid vaccine test run knows, remember a fact that one needs to be 100% healthy to be admitted into vaccine trial runs. Soon after it her feet started dying off …

… seeing her feet disintegrating I ask myself has it anything to do with earthworm DNA some vaccine producers use in their mRNA vaccines? This should nicely explain the necrosis of her feet, your newly injected earthworm DNA doesn’t recognize your own feet… “let’s switch those things off, unwanted mutation”. All of the Covid vaccines modify your own DNA, next to containing stuff that is proven in damaging our immunity, health, longevity … like HCG (infertility), formaldehyde, aluminium, nagalase, mercury, thimersoal.

Active employees working in the health industry would usually not say a thing going beyond parroting their employers, fearing for their jobs. To see the real risks of Covid vaccines one needs to look at retired academics, people like retired professor Romeo F. Quijano, M.D. from Department of Pharmacology and Toxicology College of Medicine, University of the Philippines Manila.

Please think twice before even considering taking a Covid-jab, I’ll rather let them chop my head off instead of taking the Covid-jab and turning into genetically modified human - earthworm hybrid, watching my extremities fall off.

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Welcome B, those spineless pharmacy industry bstrds want us to slimy-crawl through life like they do.

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For all those who are in reach of Pfizer vaccines… a comprehensive list of Pfizer big $ settlements …

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