Mind Over Matter?

I dont think anyone has ever thought about this before, your brain and the earth resonates almost at the same frequency, so the saying “in tune with the earth”, they say you can project your thoughts into the field around you, now do things such as Bigfoot and UFOs have the possibility to manifest themselves because we are thinking about them and projecting energy? You cant have evil unless you think evil. Is it possible we are casting our conscious thoughts into reality?


Absolutely, and some here think the Foot is a multidimensional being.
Would not surprise me at all if some , not all blurfo’s are that as well

I for one, keep all and any hypothesis as possibilities

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I think it is possible, if not plausible.

Australian aboriginies have said: “the waking world is a dream, and the dream is reality”.

The lucid dream is hard to do by waking will alone. We must accept our home, a dream, self-sown. It’s Unknown, albeit what we’re taught and shown. So show yourself what you choose to see, and if it comes true don’t blame me!

100% possible, but perhaps not in the way you may think. Although I am not saying you are wrong here.

Let’s put it this way: You think hard enough about Big Foot while you are in an area where he is known to exist… You did not “think him into existence”, you “tuned in” to his location. Your thoughts became an antenna seeking a transmitter, and you connected to it. You drew him to you.

While this may sound odd, consider the following. You think about an individual and your phone rings. Until that day, you had not thought of that individual for months.

My grandfather did something like this once that he offered no explanation for it. We walked together to get a gallon of milk. Instead of going the usual way, he chose instead to take an odd street. I asked him about this. He said he just knew this was the right way. and right there at his feet as he finished saying this … Was a five dollar bill.

All he said to me was, “That’s good because I forgot my wallet at home”

We are antennas. You do not have to believe me. But if you hone in, you will see.

Tesla did but even then I don’t think he was the first, just a genius among idiots with congestion of contemplating all, as genius’ do.
I’m sure Plato, Socrates and Aristotle would’ve expounded with voice as a choice & later words for herds, as their energy to enthuse and light a fuse, ignite a spark for people to hark.
We are energy and vibes with frequency of a sonic tonic to heal for real a resurgence for the chronic.
The Pyramids are said to have been healing centres, totally in tune with the universe, not just mother Earth.
Chamber music had a different connotation back then, to lift or elevate your vibrations.
We are electric and magnetic beings attracting and repelling with magic and spelling.
Of course most don’t know the power they have and follow others, instead of nurturing nature.
The birds and bees are a metaphor for those who aim to please, but they sing a song to cure disease.


exactly, and that is why they are pumping into our bodies (via injections, pills, GMOs, chemtrails} magnets, metals, and other…chemicals, etc…

to strengthen our integration into this electromagnetic cosmic web, as circuitry, receptors, antennas…

And that web is multidimensional, which helps explain "parallel universes, Deja Vu,

A problem, however, is that as our brain waves become more integrated into the larger (beast?) electromagnetic grid system, as transhumans, what becomes of our freewill?

One things is for sure, they cross Michigan streams retreating to the safety of the woods with their young. :slight_smile:This I KNOW.

Escaping pesky kayakers.
Escaping prying eyes.
Escaping cell phone footage documentation.
Escaping from youtube revealings.
Escaping humans.

Multidimensional or not.

Magical whatever….

Maybe bigfoot is working his magic on you then. :grin:
Blinding you from the truth.
Making your brain fire in denial.

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That’s an interesting view, but I’m actually thinking the opposite. The idea of someone controlling the receptors (US) is that they can redirect us ‘away’ from the shifting universe. Maybe it is the other way around. We are coming closer to an understanding of this power, and it is being re-directed away from us. We will only see/hear/feel what they want us to. In the end though, the same result, free will and mental exploration is gone.

Think about it for a moment. If we are able to tap into unlimited resources and power from a realignment our place in the galaxy (or some other type of global change), would anyone want the common man to benefit?

I have a very high respect for Nikola Tesla when everything today we depend on, was basically dependent upon him and his stolen documents. His ideas where stolen and he was shut down because he wanted to make free energy for everyone. Even induction charging of your phone wirelessly was developed by him and that has been around for ages but is new now, He was the pioneer of his time.

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I did try it once, it worked !, I moved a glass of a table and smashed it !!

I had a thought last night about just the thought. Who was capable to show mind over matter and is documented ? Jesus Christ did !! He could walk on water, feed the masses, cure all kinds of diseases and even blindness and death. What happened to his true teachings? Why did his disciples not pass on this knowledge ? If I remember there was a sect in early Christianity that did follow his teachings and were all destroyed as their knowledge was considered dangerous.

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You might be thinking of The Knights Templar.

Much earlier in history than the Templar’s. I cannot remember the name of the sect. The information might still be on the internet but todays internet is severely compromised.

The king borrowed a huge sum of $$$$$ from the Templars and destroying them was his way of cancelling a debt.

Let me think, and maybe figure out a way to search.

Could it be The Ebionites? Or The Nazarene’s?, Thats all the info I can find.

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Ebionites possibly but definitely not the Nazarene’s. Lost so much data over the years with hard drives dying, I apologize that my memory is not as precise as I would like it to be.

No worries, just digging for info, my kids have destroyed terabytes of data on my hard drives. Lol, funny how knowledge can be wiped in a second with one good hit. (missile at the pentagon on 9/11 that destroyed the servers because of hidden black budget spending), (dominion server wiping to hide evidence).

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If that were the case, I would imagine there would be a whole manner of bizarre shit appearing in our material reality; stuff like giant, talking, transsexual dildos, and all manner of other modernity driven mind overkill.

An interesting thought, though.

Im sure a giant talking dildo exist somewhere in Japan, lol, but I know that plants will grow differently if you speak to them with good energy vs yelling at them with bad energy, the same thing will happen as ice crystals grow, good energy a regular 6 point snow flake, bad you cant even tell what it it is. I do believe we somehow can project energy into our surroundings, now science hasnt gotten far enough to prove it, but there is evidence, maybe its something different all entirely, but we are getting closer by studying and asking questions while doing experiments.

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I think we dont see so many outlandish creations because we all have a sort of agreed-upon, subconcious idea of what to expect from reality.

Its like, if i believe a unicorn is in a field, that unicorn will not manifest unless a majority of the conciousnesses (?) who are aware of the field (not even necessarily directly observing it) agree about the nature and existence of it and the unicorn.
Thats a rough, roundabout way to explain my opinion.

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