Momma needed to whip y'all some more!

I have sat back and read the topics on here…well the ones that catch my eyes anyways…!! I have read comments after comments! Some funny. Some interesting. Some educational! I’ve seen threads derailed by an argument and ive seen some enlightened! But what gets me is the unnecessary rudeness some put out there. I mean did some of y’all learn the phase “if you don’t have anything nice to say don’t say anything”? Some of y’all are part of the problem society has now. I know if I was as rude to ppl that some on here are my momma would have beaten my rear!!
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Just saying my peace


My mother was a strict Italian woman. She would beat your head in. She was short but would knock men out. If my Grandfather even heard you disrespected my mother, finito! The world needs strong women!


Well said mate thanks for syaing what many have been thinking lately.

Theres no neede for the ugly agressive vindictive words flung here daily now,
since when did it devolve into this?

Very spiteful rhetoric for sure…


I’m probably one of the rude ones you have an issue with. My father used a belt, his bare hands, and kicked me a few times. My mother put soap in my mouth and pepper on my tongue when I swore. I realized quickly that once the punishment was over that I’d still be alive so it never phased me. My parents stopped after I started laughing while I was being struck repetitively with a strap. Seems to me that whippin might not be the solution.


But Wut We Gotz…

FemiNazis Instead…

Depends on The Child …

Sorry to hear about your beatings :pray: for healing…

The Golden Rule always seemed to work around my house. Would likely work here as well but, it’s a “heart” thing. Empathy.

What if you like being spanked?

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Yeah…my thoughts exactly.

My father loved to drink and he loved to fight. He didn’t hit my mother but he loooved to terrorize us kids.
He was treated even worse than us as a kid.
Dad had his spot on a door threshold that was slightly higher than the floor. He’d drag me to that spot and make me put my hands on. He’d step on my fingers and told me this wouldn’t happen if I wasn’t bad. Throw me into the wall an wreck the drywall and say it was my fault and I’d get an extra beat down for that now too. Thing was I stopped doing anything bad because he said thats why I was getting beat…amd I mean ANYTHING, but the beating didn’t stop so I thought I was still acting out. I only the last 10 years realized it wasn’t my fault. I still to this day believe its why I got the nickname MrNice in school. I was trying extra hard to make sure a note didn’t go home with me one day. When my sister ran away at 15 she left me to be the punching bag.


My father beat my mother regularly from as young as i can remember up until the age of around15 when i stood up to him, i got the beating that day but he never laid a finger on her again.
Even though him beating her was a weekly occurrence growing up only on two occasions did i hide all the knives and forks from my mother and on those two occasions she searched for them.
Alcohol was the problem.

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Being nice is boring.


Modernity has started to re-engineer humanity through the process of memetics. We have literally altered our reality, hence why so many people are all over the place. None of this madness is natural to the senses.

There is also the fact that people are becoming more stupid by the day.

It really is a recipe for disaster.

That seems like the upbringing many of us had. I saw a lot of violence growing up. I was involved in a lot of it. But it dawned on m pretty early on that this was not the life I wanted, nor did I like the people I was around. Yet, I have never used it as an excuse; never laid a finger on my wife or children. I like to think I have taught them the basics of right and wrong, and to appreciate the fact that they are part of a loving family and are protected. Sure, I have had to confiscate their stuff, as it is the most effective means of punishing them when they take the piss. But to be fair, they are as good as gold most of the time. They think I am mad, but funny lol. I can live with that.


You are very welcome! For most part I can ignore but sometimes it’s just to much and I have to say something.

Wow really I appreciate the replies but y’all do know the difference between a beating and a spanking right? As I am sorry that some of y’all grew up in bad situation it doesn’t excuse being flat a$$ rude to ppl. You have the power to choose how you handle something or choose to keep scrolling. To come right out and be rude to ppl that don’t believe in same thing you do is senseless.

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You still act like a broken child.

Get a little history and all of your actions start to make sense.

You have to understand though Sleepy that’s just your opinion of me, and like i said, nothing comes from nothing.
I’m happy for you though if that helps ?

I was replying to MrNice’s comment, as for your post i don’t believe in spanking children in any form, it’s unnecessary and serves no purpose.

I raised my children the same, never once did i lay a finger on my kids or beat my ex wife, I’v always tried to be a friend and a parent to my kids, we learn from our experiences.

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