Moon Hoax - Naked Face of Astronaut Seen & Heard in Nevada Fake Moon Bay

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Please explain what i just saw,

I do not nor have i heard any thing in regards to what the video is showing me

I can guess that , for some reason, we shouldnt be able to see his face clearly, due to?

He ugly?

Dont know, but i do

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I think I know what your trying to get at. You can see his face. The space helmet has 2 visors. The outer visor is tinted and can slide up into the helmet and the clear glass visor will remain in place protecting the astronauts.

Sooooo, whats the big deal about it?

I can only guess, its because of temp and the blinding sun, but i dont like guessing

Feed meeee

Why are some of the post flagged here? I do not see anything to justify flagging in those comments?? Did I miss something?

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Was just thinking the same thing myself. I’ll pm ya.