More anti-asian violence committed by supremacists

If they want to blame white people for something that blacks are the most guilty of then they should expect no sympathy from them.


Black supremist. Most Asian hate crimes are committed by black people.


What I wanna see ,hear, be part is violence on the criminal elite being committed by everyday average joe. That would be an awsome headline in the news. Rockefeller strung up by the balls! Now in the news… Ha! That’s be great


Everyone stands by and and watches. Just a little real life GTO in a society of rats, cowards and thugs, nothing to see here, move along. This is a disgusting symbolic microcosm of what is happening in society. The sheep stand by and watch as the intelligent are singled out, targeted and beaten.

Would this have happened in an armed and polite society? Would this have happened in an educated, psychologically healthy and well adjusted society? Would this happen in a localized society where immigration is strictly limited? Nope he would even have landed or thrown a blow.

Let’s not forget this is nothing new, America’s history with Asian Americans and is a long and troubled one to say the least… Manzanar - Wikipedia

And here is yet another brutal attack…

Hey liberals way to go, what a wonderful international potluck you have created! I think many of you are starting to realize what you unleashed by supporting globalism while fanning the flames of racial tension. At this point your probably also starting to realize the logical conclusion to your virtue signaling hysteria, and the true intentions of those who whispered in your ears and goaded you on from the side lines. You own this in its entirety.

How long until the Asian, Latino and Black communities turn their backs on the leftists madness?


There is a name for that particular form of punishment… it’s called the Saakashvili.

What you are talking about is pitchfork lawless chaos and the desired result.

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progress of mental slavery

Everyone is a victim anymore. Blacks are angry the Asians are trying to horn in on their perceived victimhood.


So, the video starts as the fight is already going. I’d like to see what happened before the fight, but, the fight did go too far. He was beat and the other man kept swinging and choked him out. That didn’t need to be done!

Sound to me by what is said at last 3 secs by person holding camera he was returning a favor

Pretty much.

Totally programmed to have that, “My race needs to be top shelf and dominant over EVERY OTHER RACE” and also this “blacks aren’t subjective to hate or race crimes” and allowed to dominate and oppress other races. THEY ARE TRYING TO BRAINWASH EVERYONE TO LOOK AT BLACK PEOPLE LIKE THEIR SPECIAL PEOPLE AND KINGS.

Sorry,BLM I won’t worship your race. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Pretty big f**king bold line between “caring” about your race, and “worshipping your race like gods”

Coz see it’s allllllllll wellll n gooooood for the BLM racist black man in their small minds of “it has to be alll about me and my race”, first in line, me me me,want want want,black this black that…nothing has changed. Racial identity constantly. Identities,identities,identities…on and on…black identity,white,Asian,Hispanic…queer,trans,blah blah blah…racial identity factions to divide.

And the news and MSM …They know it’s about green lighting racial oppression and they won’t shine a bad light on em…can’t point out their problems and can’t fix them either. 🤷🏼

(My advice sadly to say is carry a gun with you at all times because no matter what other race you are…your life matters. )


And what “favor” was that do you suppose? A verbal slight to his manhood? A sideways glance?

The evidence of the source of these crimes is in the media every day, all around us. Although they continue to conveniently point out every other race in the stories rather than that of the perpetrators. It of course doesn’t fit their narrative to do otherwise. So the violence continues unabated while we see “Stop AAI Hate!” virtue signaling messages directed towards those who are, by far, not the culprits.

i guarantee you crime will go down once you start public executions on these pieces of shit

What I’m talking about is a purge of this evil on this planet actually. Not a little bit here and there just one big purge of these satanic families that are all about rape murder of children. I just thought Rockefeller strung up by balls would make a hell of a headline. Sorry if you don’t/didn’t find it amusing. Cheers


Purge that evil sent the asians back to asia, blacks to africa and whites to europe and israel… leave the natives alone…lol


God made hell for people that don’t deserve enteral life . As we can see from peoples action i don’t blame him infact i question God why even bother with us we are an abomination to our selfs and the plant. I don’t understand how evil people can be not to mention pedophiles and those that kill for pleasure ,demonic possession ? I feel like that here on Earth we get a taste of heaven and hell temporarily and what happens after this life is permanent . So choose wisely the choice is in your hands

You forgot how poor white men are feeling discriminated against, lol.

Anyone who thinks like a victim is in my mind, prey. I take that victim and advertise to them while they are down. They then purchase my products and give me their money. It makes them feel better. Makes my life better. Win win for everyone. I love me some victims. Lol. FB does a great job of cultivating victims.

But but the holocaust!

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you don’t even show the whole thing. he called him the n word which is why this happened. yes it went too far but you should do research before posting.

Prove it newbie! That’s simply the go to excuse every time one of these assualts happen, and I think it’s bs. Nobody is running around calling young thugs the N word unless their ready to get down. It also does not detract from the heinousness of these assaults to say they happened over words. Being called a name doesn’t equate to being allowed to assault and kill people. If it does, then certain loudmouths in this country better watch their asses, cuz calling all white people evil every single day is bound to come back and bite em!

so quick to respond. i love it. thanks for making my first day on here great! I’m sure more info will come out about this. and it’s not just a “name” lol again do your research.