More Pandemic News This Will Make U.S Democrats Squirm

Netherlands has very smart people. Here is for your considerationi.



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Yeah I should have thought of that. Pretty much what he has been saying

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Thanks for the tag Dear, good find @Danny_28764 , I follow the court cases filed and it brings hope. Only thing Legislators have left are perks, free money, work from home… nobody buys the story in private talks but the perks are enjoyed and that keeps many publicly quiet in spite of knowing the truth.


Sad But Too True…

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Exactly as prophesied, selling ones believes.

Yeppers …

I showed this to my wife this morning, I think she is slowly commin around to all my conspiracy theories and shit.

My fucking god its hard trying to educate most people, but i think im slowly and gently winning.


A Chinese bio weapon is not “normal flu.” Seems like a cover-up to me.

Its a life of social conditioning Rob. The Govt is right and cares about us. The news is true that just the public to know the truth. Its called a paradigm and they are tough to crack. Sometimes it takes big events to shake them awake.


The Dutch are very smart.
They put the L in liberal.
There is no nation that has gone as far as them for Liberty and the freedom to choose.
No nation more Liberal.


Yes Dan but unfortunately so many did not wake the fck up over 911.
I really think that their ignorance is bliss for them, so many Americans (and foreigners ) dont wanna know what happened on their own soil, it really hurts to understand the truth.


It’s not a chinese weapon it was developed at fort dietrich by inventors of crisper tech. Nobel laureates

We are in a matrix of deception

Dude, that’s exactly the CCP narrative.

No not true.

Good find Danny👍

Dosen’t mean the CCP lied
Truth is not nationalistic or patriotic.

I seek the I varnished truth, I rarely get it

Thanks for this share… :beers:

there is a lot of truth to every conspiracy all we have to do is a little research and the truth is all ways going to be found sir i fill ther is more truth in a conspiracy then the truth its self sir