More Supremacists Attacking Asians

If asians want to keep pretending it’s white people attacking them then they should expect no sympathy from them when this happens.

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Community members stood in solidarity with Yun as he spoke with WJZ.

“It’s not about Asian, white, black or whatever, this is humanity,” said Bilal Ali, former delegate for 44th district. “As a former representative of the community, I’m saying enough is enough of this nonsense.”

Well, if you can’t even honestly admit the reality of the events that have been happening, you can’t expect them to stop.

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this is one crazy clown world we are living in.
almost embarrassed to be human sometimes.
no one deserves this kind of treatment.
fuck the world before the world fucks you.

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These violent ANIMALS need SHOT on sight.


Its gotten to the point to either deal with it or worry what next. Not racist but facts, enough is enough. Drop their ass

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