Moscow orders mandatory vaccinations by decree


And so it begins!
It is too late for the pebbles to vote. The avalanche has already begun!.


Hey DTV thanks for bringing this important news to our attention good work.

We all will be next I feel certain they may not make it explicitly mandatory but will do everything to propagandise coerce and make life really hard to survive without it.

They will deprive us all of the right to buy and sell public transport flying shopping and numerous other blackmail Style soft fascism etc.

This is how evil rols in our world sadly my friends but alas you all know already.

Take care resist at all costs this is so suss it’s unparalled in history to enforce an untested side effect nightmare jab on anyone especially children who are the next targets.

Thank you dtv for the heads up too great work helping us stay aware and awake righteous job you did here.


I would swear blind that Putin made a statement not too long ago saying that they will never have mandatory vax.

A flip-flopping politician – who wouldda thunk it?!


Yes, still it’s starting in Russia. Wait until Biden singles out “white supremacists” for their vaccine hesitancy and the “Delta” variant scare growths in the US.


One question I would have is how the hell did the Delta variant even appear on US shores?!

Thats a serious border control issue that should not happen. Especially 15 months into a global lockdown.

Its as if they learned nothing from the initial outbreak.


They finally got to Putin.



Putin got his gas pipeline…he’s decided to play along.


Spot on. Correct.


The question of whether people who work in an industry where they have a lot of contact with other people or handle food and other sensitive matter is not an easy one to answer. For example, consider a shop. Stores are obliged to ensure that the products, especially fresh products, that are sold are safe.
Certain goods must be stored under the correct conditions. Otherwise, those products can go wrong with all the consequences that entails. It is therefore obvious that the staff in these stores also have to meet certain requirements. The question of whether these requirements infringe personal freedoms is therefore a tricky one.
If they do not agree to a mandatory vaccination, they do have the real right to resign without losing any rights. They should also be given priority when applying for a job at another store such as a DIY store or something where a mandatory vaccination is probably not mandatory.
You don’t want to buy food and then have to find out that you got a virus from someone who worked in that store.

Thats easy to answer- same in every country that locked down there own citizens but not the borders-
DELIBERATELY, thats how brother.
Im certain of this.
As usual the pollies will claim its just a mistaken oversight as per the lying game they all play.
Great question there too btw DD.


The thought had crossed my mind too.

If not deliberate then sheer incompetance – bad either way.

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According to the inventor of the mRNA vaccine, vaccinating ‘into’ a ‘pandemic’ causes mutant variations to crop up and thus this ‘pandemic’ will always be with us.
These so called vaccines will perpetuate the need to vaccinate:

As the old guard dies off, the new generation will know no difference and willingly accept annual vaccinations.
Due to the new generations low iq and inability to critically think, they will not be able to correlate deaths that will be vaccine caused, but see deaths as caused by this so called virus.
Aside from being pure evil, this is pure genius.
For here on earth, that is.


I know they lie and cheat, extort, bribe, coerse, and even force us with threats, beatings, jail and sometimes death…but i trust them explicitly that they arent up to anything this time.


The thing is there is that firstly the foods are not experimental. And there not been asked to have it put in to their bodies. Health and hygiene is totally different to what this is. All of the current gene therapies are experimental. For the Oxford Astra Zeneca vaccine and Pfizer the clinical trials do not end until March and April 2023. Not sure on dates for Moderna j&j and the new novavax. However. With these been EXPERIMENTAL. And that is the most important part of this. The Nuremberg code clearly states that firstly all involved should be full explained both the benefits and risks including ALL possible side effects of taking ANY experimental vaccine gene therapies medication or devices. And secondly and most importantly can not be forced by either force threats use of torture or pain or coerced by threats to loss of liberty’s of any kind to take one. Now if you are not sure of this and ask a so called Factcheckers site it will claim what i have put has false. But the one thing they do to make this claim. Which is in its self is false. Is they remove the one most important word that is fundamental to the Nuremberg code and that word is EXPERIMENTAL. Now have you ever been part of any clinical trials for any type of medication? Because if you have you will know you get paper work showing you what the study is for with all the information i have just said. I know has i have been a part of 4 clinical trials 3 with drug. Them been Rivaroxaban, Entresto, and the breath more study that used low dose morphine in heart failure patients. And this is what anyone who is part of a trial should get.

That is the kind of information any participating person should get when been given any form of experimental medications vaccines gene therapies or medical devices. The fact people haven’t been is a flagrant breach of the Nuremburg code.


Making this mandatory for everyone sounds like, The Mark of the Beast as described, in our biblical texts…


I was talking about the idea of ​​"mandatory vaccination". Not about this particular vaccine. It’s a tough question. Other vaccines are also not one hundred percent safe, so you can ask the same question with other medicine and vaccines. Many medicine are also not 100 percent safe. That’s what I was talking about.

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Not one single medication is 100% safe of any kind be it a pill medicine or vaccine. That also goes for medical device’s such has say pacemakers ICDs defibrillators that are implanted. Each and everyone has side effects or some form of possible negative impact. But those are ALL tried and tested over many years. And are also ALL fully licensed for there use. Where as ALL of the new covid vaccines are all experimental gene therapies they dont even fall into the true use of the term of vaccine. And has such any form of pushing them with any kind of loss of any of your human rights including losing your job’s. Is against the Nuremberg code and has such those doing this are breaking laws and rules that was put in place to stop this very thing that have been in place since 1947/48 after the Nuremberg war crimes trails against the Nazis. Has i showed each person who under goes a clinical trial should be given all the data to the experimental gene therapies with all reasons has to what it is for what it can do what it should do with all possible benefits and dangers. Not one person has been given anything like this. Which breaks the Nuremberg code completely. If people don’t wake up and start to fight back then sorry but all of humanity is Fooked big time.


Not sure what benefit it’ll be if everyone is dead.