Mountain of the Dead: Dyatlov Pass incident solved

You need to watch introduction video first (below) to understand concept or have already seen my cattle mutilation solved video part 1 and 2.


Write some text and explain your stuff man, all these videos, I like a good read :disappointed:


The audio is literally killing me. :joy:

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I don’t have time to watch this morning but the Dyatlov Pass thing was about a bunch of students went hiking/skiing in the Ural’s and their bodies were found with horrible injuries. I guess it’s unknown if they froze first or after the attacks. Yeti? Seems like I saw something on Discovery, History or the Travel channel about it a while back.

Wow it is hard to believe what I just watched! Cell like organisms in the sky that feed on whatever they can use for food…bacteria most likely…well worth the watch. The Dyatlov incident was the hikers knew they existed and took pictures to prove their exisrence, drew them in to see them then explosives to fend them off and were attacked? As much as we think we know…we know very little when it comes to this planet earth! The same organisms in the tether incident that were called ice crystals. Amazing stuff. It just dawned on me the Star Trek Episode where the Enterprise comes in contact with a enormous cell like creature The Immunity Syndrome was the title! :exploding_head:

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It is such a bizarre incident. Lots of youtubers that delve into this story too.
Lots of blunt force trauma for their injuries. One lady with her tongue removed.
Cuts in the tent that would suggest they were using it as a peep hole.
Their winter clothing left in their tent which would suggest they ran away in a panic.

I created a thread about this on the old DTV. It pissed a lot of people off because they wanted to believe it was something more sinister, which it wasn’t.

In a nutshell, the campers placed their tent right in the middle of a clearing of forest so that they could see their destination for the next day. As it happens the mountains and the base of the clearing, along with the wind, created small tornadoes, sort of like dust devils but stronger. This is most likely the reason there was a natural clearing (lane) between the 2 stretches of forest.

The campers would have experienced sounds like freight trains rushing down each side. The tent would have felt like it was about to be ripped up, but most disturbing is the E.L.F. sound waves would have rumbled their internal organs; including their hearts. The campers have absolutely no way of understanding what was happening. They acted out of fear and cut themselves out from the inside.

They scattered in different directions all heading to what they perceived as the quicker rout to the woods. 3 ran into a 25 foot deep ravine, causing them to fall on each other; hence the internal damage. One tried to crawl for help.

A girl died face down in a creek and when the ice thawed the water decomposed the soft tissue of her face first.

3 other men went to a tree and started a fire. One is presumed to have left and come back for the warmth. One of the men burned himself in the fire, before dying, another man froze and the third took their clothes to stay warm.

The pic that is supposed to show some sort of monster is actually of one of the campers.

It’s been about 5 years but that is the gist of it. Nothing paranormal but definitely outside of their understanding; as well as the understanding of the lead investigator which came to the conclusion that the campers died of extraordinary means.

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There was more internal damage that falling on top of one another could ever do
A tounge was ripped out, not decomposed
What about the phots of the light in the sky?

The sun??

I dont think experienced hikers are going to take a pic of the sun in clouds that is unremarkable

I can concur that elf sounds could have played a part in confusion

But in the end, we will never really know

Just my 2 cents, and i would wait for change, but i cant buy anything for a penny lol

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Sorry man…everything is 100% explainable.

Read This…


Donnie Eichar visited Google Los Angeles to talk about his book: “Dead Mountain.” The untold true story of the Dyatlov pass incident, hosted by Max Mednik. This took place on November 19, 2013.

Click here to view the book trailer:



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Never say sorry giving out information relevant to the topic,

Look at me, sounding like i have been here forever lol

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Nice addition, thanks.

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I just say perform a controlled experiment, with sensors not humans, that can factually prove what really goes on naturally in the clearing. If solid proof can be presented that explains everything that was discovered then it’s done. If not, then who knows.

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Thats a smart reply,
They would definitely be able to detect the elf’s

But i am still not convinced as of yet about the damage to the bodies.

I will try and find the book and read more.:+1:t2:

A Yeti “big foot” killed them.

Just a reply to the comments…all of my work has been peer reviewed by a scientist and fact checked by a newspaper buddy I have. Im doing a 25 year research dump and previewing them here. Next month i start doing the bookings i have on radio/television. If you wont watch the video i cant force you but i guarantee its good stuff. BTW you can pay money to UFO websites that solve nothing and here im giving it away for free. Just food for thought.


It hurts my ears

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