Move over D, L is here... 😳

The first case of the lambda (sheep da) variant has arrived at none other than the same hospital that required all staff to get the jab, or get fired.
The report states that the delta variant is still the main concern.
I did a post recently where the opposite was indicated in that the lambda variant, through in vitro testing, was expected to be the worst one yet.

Call me a conspiracy nut (please…) but I believe it’s no coincidence that Houston Methodist is the first to sound the alarm, they are a team player after all. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


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How weird.

BTW: You can edit your post, OP. We did it now and corrected the link.




Ok, your one of those :rofl::grinning:

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I would call you anyhting but a conspiracy nut in fact, i would call you with respect a spreader of truth and understanding,
and someone that cares enough to create a topic like this that informs others of the dangers we are all now facing with this pandemic deception ww scam.

I would also thank you for caring as you do,
not many out there do care like us here believe me friends, we are a very small sample of wanting to know whats really happening in our world yes we are but a tiny sample.

Im very thankful to know you all for wanting to know such as myself too,
i hope u understand that kind of gratitude and respect for you all see.

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Blessings to you Citizen! :pray:
By the way, did you ever win the lottery?
Always the best wishes to you friend!

It worked for me…

And just a friendly reminder folks, if you want to get the new trendy & hip Lambda strain you’ll need to get vaccinated! For a limited time, don’t wait! Contact your jab center today! Be the envy of all your friends!

No jab, no lambda

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Yeah we did. My Brother and I both won $8.50.

Each last Wednesday on tatslotto no kidding Hahahaha.

No joke I had to laugh webothwon the same amount on the same game same day.$ 8.50cents
Sa a vie cruel joke
Life is but hey for once we won.
Haha.allme lub SF.

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Suppose to be alpha or omega, beta, kappa… keep it greek for the magic cures, and chinese for the venom. How appropriate. Nature is having a laugh at our expense with all this crap.