Muon discovery or Muon action discovered

Brilliant work for science minded
So this is my sports , I root for my science team.

But like all armchair quarterbacks
the best helmsmen stand on the shore
8 million team Coaches
Back seat drivers

I am the cuñado’ (brother-in-law) the know it all. We shall discuss. The nuance of the discovery and what it is said to mean and a reasonable differing opinions (Mine).

The Fermilab boys have really done it again. They think they are onto a new particle
The reason they think this is because the partical they usually get has changed as they tweak the machine
The power level and frequency changes has evoked a new vibration in the particle.

Like how I made that alot shorter, you’ll pay for that now

Tesla, Farnsworth, Walter Russell, Nassim Harriman. The gods ( little g) of non standard cosmology with a nod to Whitaker who’s work we all benifit from.

So a oscillation is a frequency and a power level ( Amplitude) you can think of that like A/C electricity or waves upon a ocean

Now they have sets of waves that are some multiple of the fundamental frequency.

Now my answer . Oscillations are tuned pressure gradients like waves on ocean
Waves travel onto a beach at a certain frequency until the sets exceed 70.7 that’s where it gets jumbled and just chaotic waves that are unsurfable , surfers call that chop

As the frequency of wave sets increases the depth of water and the viscosity and temperature all come to get her to make super sets as the frequency nears a harmonic indiger of the fundamental oscillation.

What I think they have found is one of these harmonics like plucking your guitar then jumping to the 12th fret and tapping string

I do not think they found a new particle,. I think they found a harmonic

Tesla tried to explain these occurrences by telling us "The Magic of 3,6 and 9
Half is always a harmonic. But on 3 fret 6 fret 9 fret there are further harmonics.

A son with harmonics

Annnnd again

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I like your theory.
Hard to disagree.
Tesla had the vision of what you speak.

I did not want to steal the credit for the insight . My privilege to get to learn it from his public record

Yeah …your analogy was spot on.

And the lab rats have a preconceived box to fit their theories into

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