Must watch we all seen the traitor pence

I present a hidden agenda and who is the man shaking the hand of pence and sitting behind bitch McConnell


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I dont side with either or… two wings of the same bird … Also im just saying that I’m looking deeper than just one side also if you pay attention THE video is not supporting trump or biden actually stating they are working together …if anyone believes the bible then it dont matter what side your on evil gonna happen regardless blue or red


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You should really of paid more attention at school…:joy:


Not the fist medal Mike pence has gotten from catholics . I think it’s the order of the
Apostles of Andrew White (Jesuit) - Wikipedia

What a boon to actually catch this on vid

Disclose has to find the names of the medal giver and the man who tried to cover it up

You have your home work, fame and a disclose medal goes to the one who finds intel first

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If you look at the coin upside down it almost looks like the templar symbol of the guys riding the horse

Ok Ok Kemo your an imbecile we get it, now go back to puling the wings off fly’s OH God of fly’s.

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I don’t understand why you guys are being so hard on Mike Pence. In my opinion he did a fantastic job, he did his job as flawlessly as he could the last 4 years. Never questioning Trump, never stepping out of line, always there to smooth over his more callous or egregious statements.

I think that Mike Pence consulted his lawyers and his conscience, and provided with all the evidence at HIS disposal (probably a bit better informed than what’s at our disposal), made the right choice for our COUNTRY. Even though I disagree with a lot that’s happened the last 4 years, I’ve always thought that Mike Pence had a modicum of integrity. He walked the razor’s edge, his job must have been so difficult. And now he is rewarded for 4 years of total loyalty with… death threats? Accusations of being a traitor? Do you guys see how the hate just spills out? It’s really scary and sad man.

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:clown_face: This guy is clamoring for a big ol throbbing root in his throat huh? Lmao :clown_face:

As your freedom spins down the drain and you enter a communist state just remember “Pence did the right thing” . My friend when did being deep state become something of integrity?


He works much better when you put that dunce sock puppet on ignore

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lols its the same clip I posted the other day n we talked about it :joy: you said it was a holy spirit medal remember?

I am really intrigued now about who the guy is giving this and also more about that skull medal, is that latin in the middle? anyone??

Indo remember it , it was my introduction

You are all idiots deep fake?

I cannot discount that as a reasonable understanding

I also thought for a long time that Pence was patriot, but believe him now to be a traitor. He conspired with Paul Ryan and others in 2016 to try to keep Trump off the GOP ticket - among other things. I think the shocking truth will be revealed further soon.

My thoughts:
Pence went already to GITMO for treason; probably also already executed. Clones have replaced both him and his wife.

Pence gives the appearance of integrity (save for his most recent actions), and it was this “appearance” that convinced Trump to select him as his running mate in the first place. He fit the part.

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