My article re: Investing in EdTech got published & 50,000 copies went to print

In 2012, while managing what became the 12th most successful technology accelerator in America, it occurred to me that technology had reshaped nearly every major industry in America but one, the one that exists to ensure that America’s human capital has the skills & knowledge needed to compete in the global economy, public PreK-12 Education. I wondered how the greatest nation on earth could have neglected the core infrastructure of its longevity? Was it purely ignorance & laziness or was there something holding technology back? I started doing research & found myself in disbelief when I discovered that America’s Public Education System had fallen from #1 to as low as #36 of 46 OECD nations. What have we done? Unlike the citizens of the “Land of the Free & the Home of the Brave” who only take, take & take more from her, if I wasn’t willing to do everything in my power to protect America’s future, then I didn’t believe that I deserve to call myself an American anymore…Please read the article linked below & get some more brave Americans to stand up & fight with me…


The problem I see is the world around us is evolving at a far faster pace vs what the gov. is willing to invest into the educational system.

School would have to be fully digital in order to keep up with the constant information changes. The old musty books are used for years where as if more was invested into the education system it could be a little more current…

One step further…add real life courses for real life. Gardening and food preservation to start with.

I didn’t notice your link until after I commented.

Apparently we agree. I hadn’t looked at it from an investor standpoint though.

I’ve been swing trading companies like Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Co. because of the entire education from home situation thats happening. Before this year I hadn’t even thought of the K-12 education system as an investment.

“they” don’t want people to be clever.
they are harder to trick if they are too clever.
with the great reset looming, is it really worth investing in anything?
i usually make my own investments, solid tangible stuff like property.
works for me.

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MrNice - You are just a truly awesome, rational person & I always appreciate your comments. I have been investing in early-stage companies for almost 19-yrs. & while running a technology accelerator I got married, my wife had two children & I was immediately injected into K-12. That’s when it occurred to me that we have this massive $1.3T industry that has been neglected by entrepreneurs & investors, but that’s not just a missed opportunity, it is the greatest threat to our future America has ever seen. As a rational person myself, throw out the opportunity altogether, if we do nothing then we don’t deserve to be the America we once knew & loved.

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I agree, this has been done intentionally by idiots who must not have realized that the rest of the world would catch up & we would have to compete one day. As far as the reset goes, I also get it & think that it must be close but people have been saying the same thing since the egyptians ruled & it still hasn’t happened. I think that we shouldn’t hold our breath for the reset & if we don’t do everything we can to ensure our longevity, we will only be accelerating our end.

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