My wife's friend died yesterday of a heart attack after having Jab two weeks ago

My wife’s friend was 39 years of age; who had no prior health conditions and had 4 children - the youngest being 6 - was found dead last night in her bed, after dying of a heart attack. She was fine just a few hours before. Now it turns out she had that fking vaccine two weeks ago. She left 4 children behind, and now, looks like two will have to go into care. My wife is in fking bits, and I feel so fking angry because I know it was that poison that killed her. Her mum even mentioned the words ‘blood clot’ to heart, but not sure why she mentioned that as I assume that would take an autopsy to confirm. Either way, she died of a massive heart attack. A fit, healthy women, who should never have been encouraged to take that poison in the first place.

This is really happening you know. We have opened up Pandora’s box!


I’m so sorry. This really pisses me off. Unfortunately, my mom and younger brother both got the jab… also most everyone at my work… now it’s just a waiting game to see who drops first. :frowning:

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I am livid, mate. Her 15 year old daughter found her as well.

I want to do something but I don’t know what. I am so angry.


Sorry for your loss
This is going to be cataclysmic for society this fall
These people have encrypted their immune systems to fight one disease
When they get sick with a cold or flu this winter
These people will start to drop like flys


How convenient also that no one can be held accountable… unless her job mandated it. I don’t know. But senseless, PREVENTABLE shit like this really pisses me off.


You’re spot on… like I said, it’s a waiting game now.

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No body researches anything these days
These vaccines actually have an ingredient named after Satan in them
That’s fine gimmee the pokee


Her poor family. That’s horrendous mate, sorry to hear that.
I fear we may all have stories similar to this soon…


Yeah, it is really sad. Made worse by the fact that she has no brothers or sisters, and her mum is in her 70’s. Her two older ones have a different dad to the younger two, so I think they will go to him, but the two younger ones have no contact with their dad, so I am not sure what is going to happen to them. My wife is adamant she won’t let them go into care, but I not sure we have the room to take them. I just feel so bad for her children.


Sorry to hear this buddy. Truly sad news - it always hits home so much more, when you know someone close to you that has been effected by this poison. :worried:

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Geeze man that’s rough. Yer on point she should have never been encouraged to take it.

It’s never ceases to amaze the leap of faith people are willing to make in their governments innocence as opposed to observing their undeniable track record of guilt and outright murder. Optimists and idealists are very easy to fool and take advantage of.

Is the father of the kids still around to take care of them?


Man, my heart goes out to those children and to you and your wife. The reverberations of that tragedy will be massive, especially with the complicated circumstances around the children’s fathers.
I’d be thinking the same thing as your wife but the reality and feasibility of these things isn’t that simple and straight forward…

If you guys no any one that took the Jab
Convince them to drink
Pine needle tea and infrared light
Lots of both


my good friend Tuor10 there is going to be alot of this for the next 3 years and it will last a decade, the only thing we can do is gather together and help the living bury the walking dead.
be friends to their children and to advise anyone who gets the jab to make a living will.

there are more things but that is the top shelf stuff to do


I hope it works out okay for them kids. That is truly awful.

It is quite the coincidence that your wifes friend recently got the jab, but that might be all it is, a coincidence. For the sake of everybody else who got vaccinated, I hope so

Sorry to hear this mate I truly am, I hope that justice will be served one day for this genocide that tptb are carrying out. My thoughts and prayers going out for those poor children and I hope your wife can get over her grief in a timely fashion. Stay strong brother


The dad of the older two is around, but the younger two have no contact with their dad.

Thanks for the kind words, mate.


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Not sure I believe in coincidences any more, mate. But thanks.

Yes, I really feel for her children. Her eldest daughter - the one who found her - is distraught. She found her dead in her bed. Two hours before, she was alive and well. My wife says that as far as she knows, there was no heart disease in the family.

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