Mysterious objects streak through Oregon skies last night

Many people in Oregon were left stunned Thursday night as they spotted what looked like a large meteor breaking apart in the sky.

While it hasn’t been confirmed what the object was, the National Weather Service believes it might be debris from a rocket.

Reports from people seeing the object came in from everywhere in the Northwest and at least as far north as Seattle.


It’s most likely a falcon 9 second stage re-entering earth’s atmosphere and breaking apart


No it’s not, it’s The US military in space shooting down a foreign country’s satellite that was a threat to the United States.

Why is Josh Vesters video showing it on an upward climb and everyone else shows it coming down?

That’s weird, camera angle and position ?

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Kind of what I was thinking at first until I lined it up with the fence and house as a reference.

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I see what you mean, the objects should roughly appear to be following the pitch of the roof on the left .

Well , I give up perhaps someone else out there will have the answer.

Hmmm, if the object is heading toward the camera maybe - ------- Right I’m off

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You may have something there.

You are correct sir. Thank you Mr. Musk… cool!

That was pretty cool right there.

what could it be? is planet x on the way?

Petrol tar balls from nibirus tail?. Seems to be a lot of them lately.

Love the videos. Normally we seeing these types of videos rockets gliding along the firmament spraying water

see how it’s following the outline of the dome…don’t you just love living in a fishbowl. Stars are sonolumiense look into it. Hope Jesus comes back soon…

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