Nancy getting grilled on 60 minutes?

Leslie Stahl of 60 minutes amazingly puts the screws to Nancy Pelosi.
Listen to this witch as she trips over her own ass as she backpedals:

First to Gitmo?
Hopefully a military tribunal will decide quickly…


Silver you disappoint me. I guess maybe its my fault. I was hoping to run to this thread and literally see her spinning on a grill on an open fire…well all in due time this old saddle bag complexion will get her fire.


Here’s another dingbat…

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aoc moron


The prophecies of Henoch, first published in 1987, but written thousands of years ago, talks of prophecy about America. However the talk could also be a prediction, in which case the events will occur. To understand more about this read the introduction before the prophecies are given.


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If Guilty by military tribunal
Give that catholic manchurian
Everything in jesuit oath, her family and churches. Because in truth that’s what they had in store for you

Be strong in adversity, be fair, be through, be

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I want to see her crying and snotty nosed. It would be wonderful to see them walk into the House of Representatives and cuff her on national tv.


Calling this @#$%^&^%$# a ding bat is a slap in the face to Edith Bunker…


Never admit being wrong. Never ever ever ever admit. Nope not Nasty Nancy

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She’s 80… OMG how is she still functioning?



If only truth can be spoken in the presence of God can Nancy ask for forgiveness ?

Well maybe just good genes and good doctors?

I don’t think she drinks blood. I would hope not lol

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yes totally

Really? How can you be so sure? and why? I just can’t see it. I’d like to know, but it’s sooooo out there I just can’t bring myself to it… I don’t know… it would be horrifying at best.

I am mostly joking, but I wouldn’t deny the possibility. I would definitely go with genes, diet, and whatever her beauty regiment is and if a doctor plays part.

Grilled ain’t the half of it…she looks char-broiled or even burnt😆

Aww…I feel sorry for Nancy…apparently doesn’t make enough to retire on,so she has to work into her 80s…cmon guys a little sympathy for a fellow citizen…,:laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing:

When did a politician become a fellow citizen?


Ding Bats Are Smarter