NASA Giza Photo: A Global Deception of Biblical Proportion or Something Else?

I had posted this on the old DTV system. This will be an abbreviated version…. It is regarding the findings and the story of Gary Parker…. Many on this site probably already know about this story, if you don’t then, read on….

There is (“not” visible from the ground but “is” visible from space), what appears to be, biblically-related images (among other things), as well as “the possibility of” (or what this guy claims is), either Ancient Paleo Hebrew text (or something that even predates it), written next to the Great Pyramid in Egypt… (Although I have yet to corroborate it, independently), the text was reportedly translated separately & independently by at least three scholars of ancient Hebrew and is said to read as follows:

“I Am Who I Am. Creator of All Things… (g?)God and lord of the underworld.

I’ll admit, that has been refuted by a number of Hebrew scholars so, TBD in my book.

But staying with that as a possibility…. the phrase “Lord of the underworld” seems to freak people out. That line does not necessarily need to be viewed as “evil.” I’m not saying that this is what it is but (if you think of a sheriff holding the keys to a jail cell)… know that in Revelation, Jesus says…
in Revelation 1:18: “…I hold the keys of death and Hades.

The satellite image was taken by the International Space Station (ISS) and has been available for all to see on the NASA.GOV web site, it’s of the Giza Plateau, and is date and time stamped July 25, 2012. I’ve attached a marked-up version of the photo, defining areas where images can be seen under certain circumstances and guidelines.
Actually, that is just the tip of the iceberg. There is so much more to the story. I’ll briefly mention two additional things, that entices me to research further and if accurate (even if faked by NASA… then IMHO) “time is of the essence”…

  1. There are a number of (biblically-related) images (some positive entities and some negative entities, in appearance)… that can be seen in the photo. They are “very” difficult to see unless specific directions are followed. Debatable??? Sure!! Pareidolia??? Possibly but, highly unlikely when it all surrounds one (somewhat biblical) theme.
  2. Back around 2017 -2018, when the economy was hitting on all cylinders; record low unemployment; just about everyone and everything going well. Gary Parker (albeit a controversial personality… ),… as things were going great, he stated that “about 2 years before 2022, (around 2020), things are gonna get bad. Then things are gonna get really, really bad and then, come July 2022 (when this thing shows up), things are gonna get much better… There will be peace …" (I know, I know… the anti-Christ, right?)… Anyway, look how events have unfolded the last couple of years or so. I know “no one knows the day or time” but if ya understand the guy’s story, it’s complicated and too much for a single post.
    He had some abrasive and controversial views about Christianity in his early podcasts… the more recent ones he stated he was willing to be baptized, although some of his claims still do not completely 100% line-up biblically.

He states that the “entity” that placed the Hebrew text and these images onto the photo, will be arriving to Earth for all the world to see, on July 26, 2022… which is exactly 10 years after the date of the photo.

One thought is… Could what the Jews will perceive as their Messiah, be one in the same as what Christians will see as the Anti-Christ?

This is either a global deception of biblical proportion (if so by whom, NASA? and to what end?..or it is something else???).

This story is no big secret… "Gary Parker,” (for about the last 5 years), has been trying to get the word out via many small podcasts along with one YouTube video that describes how to see the images. He had a Twitter account but, his Twitter account was shutdown many months ago… He was a vocal Trump hater on Twitter but so are many others who maintain their Twitter accounts. I tend to think his account was suspended because of this story.

Like I mentioned, I had posted this on the old site but it never really gained any traction so, I’m trying again… I could upload cropped images of the Hebrew text and photos of the portions of the picture which attempts to show the images that I’ve taken, if there’s any interest… and also can give the variety of links to what specific file to download directly from NASA.GOV and description on how to see the images for yourself. If this post doesn’t gain any traction, I won’t bother posting the pics of the pics… because all that is too time consuming, if there’s no interest.

But if you do pursue it, know that if you attempt to view from the direct download link, you’ll need to use a laptop but, it’s best viewed on a non-Macbook or non-LCD display (i.e. use a laptop with an LED display).

I’m a firm and life long believer in Jesus. This guy’s story is compelling. I don’t know what to make of it and just wanna have a conversation… I’ve only told a handful of people that I’m close to, about it. Tried to inform someone at church and it went over like a led ballooned nuclear bomb…. No one wants to (or can) “go there.” I just either get blasted or it’s like their brains can’t process it.

In closing this post, I’ll just say to me it is currently unexplainable. It is difficult (nearly impossible) to fake… The photo has “Photoshop” metadata fingerprints on it but, so do all other photos released by NASA… their photos all go thru the NASA Photoshop Lab (to blot-out anything they do not want you to see).



Forgive me, but, no idea what you are referring to or suggesting

This story is new to me but I think it is very interesting… If you posted this previously, I am very sorry for missing out on it… I am a firm believer that there are many things that happened in our past that we have not been taught… Also many current events that we are not receiving the correct answers about… The ancient past may hold clues that may offer some hidden truth… If you have more to offer on your topic, I would be interested in looking more into it… Thank you…

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I am moving forward to listen to an interview by Gary Parker…

Here is one of the more recent talk shows he’s been on…

Gary Parker Update from Oct 9, 2020

I’ll try to post some pics a bit later.

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I remember the “Posts”.
They were… intruiging. :face_with_monocle:

Although I do not have access to a laptop, so I cant see the images as described.

I am not at all “deterred” from the reference of the underworld.

Like you mentioned JC retieved the keys.

Ive feintly looked into this, paradolia… Maybe…

But… Also correlates with other articles I read pertaining to the pyramid being a capstone ordained by God.

Interesting, will be looking foward to more. :sunglasses:

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