National Emergency State Declared Already

I really wonder this has been barelly noticed until now.

Recent President and the newly reelected President of the United States of America, Mr. Donald J. Donald, has already declared the state of the National Emergency.

Mr. Donald Trump, recent and newly reelected President of the United States of America, I wish you a good luck and I really believe, you will fighting the satanist pedophile Democrats till the end.

We trust you!


Just let this trump go already. Remember operation warp speed. Gus Perna already said all of America must take vax within 24 hrs of when an emergency use authorization is in place. Just today Pfizer filed the emergency use authorization with the FDA. So yeah thank you trump. For shitting on the world and now biden is driving the train. They’re both in on it . Military industrial complex remember that


Sorry, dude, you will have to wait at least another four years till Mr. Trump will go.


See, talks like this from people like this , just reeks of pussyness. Yes the military complex is evil. But like all systems there are always flaws good people in the mix with good intentions. Like your medical care. Evil and good, just the system is being used for the wrong. And you are just gonna accept it? Probably the type that just bend over for the vaccine when it’s just gonna go on your arm. The type that just give up and surrender. No fight in you bud?

And operation warp speed sounds like alien talk to me. Like thier plan is running out of time

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Things sometimes happen. I have said Donald J. Donald by mistake, of course I have reffered to Mr. Donald J. Trump.
I apologize.

What am I accepting ??:joy: I’m not accepting anything besides that I see trump and biden are swindling the people. You love your matrix huh cipher? That big juicy steak in your matrix a lot more real to you? The system that you like so much, Trump system, has created operation warp speed and placed general Perna in charge. Id hate to be a broken record but it seems like youre keeping eyes and ears closed since the truth is very hard on hearts and minds. Is it because you think donald trump is a time traveler?? Just think about it, if he or ANYONE had that kind of power do you really think he’s going to waste his time helping you? If I had that kinda of power I would honestly use it against you. Trump helping push the NWO via Plandemic and making people bankrupt while feeding mega corporations. Look at when H.R. 748 was introduced. A year before the plandemic even existed then trump signs trillions of tax payer dollars away to the corporations as a “bailout” but yet the people still suffer. Explain that or is it the wreaking pussyness, as you say it, smelly?

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… and then it will be Mrs. Trump.

… and then Mr. Trump (again) but this time junior.

… and again.

… and again.

No, Gus did not say that. He said all of America will have the vaccine in 24 hours once the emergency order was placed with fda.
I too initially thought this, but listen closely.

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Now what? Did you complain also after Mr. Bush became the 43-th president (his father was the 41-st) or were you unhappy when Mrs. Clinton tried to become the president, when her husband already was one of them? Is it good? Is it bad? What do you want to say? Be more specific, otherwise no one can understand you, every one would think you are just spreading propaganda. And that is sure not what you want. Or?

I hope other Trumps run for seats and office.
I do not want Clinton’s or Bushes to be in office.


Ok, sorry, mate, I really did not catch you

Just forget it. You obviously don’t want to hear what he said that will be needed. The Emergency Use Authorization. That is what Pfizer just filed for! When the gov ready they’ll apply the EUA to administer. If you want just go volunteer first. Be the guinea pig for the DNA changing A.I. created vaxx for a “virus” they’ve never isolated (seen) but yet the vaxx will fix what we haven’t see. You don’t have to let us know what happens, I think all the critical thinkers know exactly what’s going to happen next… I think it’s going to be very easy to get to everyone including YOU since they will in “lockdown”

Dude! I was there and I still am, sort of.
I saw and interesting interview of Dr. Andrew Wakefield that shined a different light on Trump. I now believe Trump will not allow this to be forced on anyone. I think it will be, if it gets distributed, a voluntary thing.
Will those who don’t volunteer be tagged as disrupters? I have no idea, but based on everything I have read, there’s going to be adverse reactions. Possibly bad. Regardless if the internet gets shut down, word will still spread like wildfire.

All I know is this is the same type of Nazi route taken. The picture has already been painted, the media and govs have pushed the image of anti vaxxers as a “threat to health” to get people to hate them and justify the quarantine/re education/concentration camps. The Trumpers/Bideners are letting their Hitler’s words caress their feeble minds.

It’s easy to fell back on the nazis as an example, but I seriously question what we were fed regarding them.
Look at the bullchit we’re fed now. We’ve been lied to since day 1.

The tactics now are the same as they were during Nazi era. It seems like history repeats itself. I know Trump and Biden and all the the other shitty politicians are coworkers in their societies (Freemasons,jesuits)House of Thurn, etc… I looked into the jew stuff as well, I know they (the regular person) don’t have an agenda. Rather it’s the zionists, many people know that there was a set up in Holocaust. They blended in and disguised themselves among them in the mass extermination. It’s kinda funny how the big mega corporations that are (jew) owned have German last names. The Nazis took identities of the people they slaughtered. They will do it again as they as doing now. Now there are different ideas as what ZIONISTS really are. Are they beings, entities, extraterrestrials, Nephilim,reptilians, clones, demons, insert choice of word…

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I Didnt mean to be so rude bro, my bad. I’m mad bro, my temper, took some bud tokes tonight, I’m back. Lol but yeah man, my bad first off.
In all of this, thanks for bringing up this info. We all appreciate as much info we can get. Secondly, I like to think time travel business is afoot. But t rump, I dont think hes one. But I do believe he is what we needed.

For we all have have the power to critically think for ourselves. It is your choice to look to trump but I say look at what he’s done. For actions speak louder than words. I wish you and your family a safe time in this troubling period

You are absolutely right. Only what he has done matters for me. He did not ignite any war in the world like his predecessors did. He started to withdraw troops from Germany, Middle East and Afghanistan. He succeed to deescalate the tension in the Korean peninsula. Etc. These are things important for me, not the fabricated impeachments of the Democrats, nor the screaming of leftish neomarxists mainstream media, nor the censorship of “independent” social media or Cuomo’s Emmy award.
I wish you and your family a safe times too.

Does anyone know if the troops that are being sent back actually are done with their tours? We wouldn’t really know unless you ask family, if have, that are in the military. I find it a trip that military is the ones used in vaxx trials. Reference that info with the Vmat2 gene. Once you see it, the light bulb will click over your head. Either way protect the children :fist:t4: