National Geographic editor Susan Goldberg: White people should be ashamed of their race

NatGeo: There's No Such Thing As Race But White People Should Be Ashamed Of Their Race

Anyone see a historical pattern being reinforced? I do!

Why is it that Jews are always at the forefront of promoting anti-white sentiment? Also if you have been observing the mainstream acceptance and fever pitch promotion of Russophobia in the west over the past 10 years you will also will notice that Jews are leading the charge there as well.

Do they think no one notices? Sadly the answer is Yes. They also don’t care as they think that no one will dare call them out. And in that for the most part they are correct, it’s a Pandora’s box issue that most dare not approach. So when you do, hysteria targeting and all kinds of shenanigans ensue. Most interesting to watch is the damage control victimhood machine kick into gear.

Anyways Nat Geo a liberal white hate echo chamber, whadathunkit?




Heh. One of the Chosen projecting again. It is really quite shameful.


That’s a bunch of :poop:. It’s the Left trying to start a race war so they can take control with their Military. With that said some day I will tell you how I really feel.
Be Respected, Color Blind and a Patriot…


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Look at how they behave the moment they believe they are the majority. The floodgates are open. W/ the leftists in total control on the culture war.


Jesus is my Lord and Savior.


I’m not ashamed of Jesus

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Let these F@#KS say ANYTHING to me to my face in public like that…

SEE WHAT YOU GET. :slight_smile:


Jews ‘identify’ as white when they want speak as one to demonize them and declare they’re a jew when they want to separate themselves from whites when they don’t want to be roped in with them.


Its pretty crazy these day how a dumbass with a microphone can get away with so much.


Meanwhile in Austrailia…


The taking of our GOD given rights.


I’m ashamed of the people in general. Especially the British. Ignorant to what has been going on.

Most languages today have been taken from the old Latin and all words are made up. All politicians have done is use these words to create an illusion of reality by using them in a psychological way.

Racism is the biggest example. In reality, there is no such thing as racism but the only reason it exists is because it has been created to exist for divide and rule purposes.

The truth is and has always been that we are a world of one race. The human race. There are no differences. We are all exactly the same. We have thoughts and feelings which is our spiritual awareness and we have a physical body in which our awareness resides. That’s it. So, we are I’m essence all the same. The only thing that makes us different are the actions we make which differs on the experience we are each going through. Free will is something that is fundamental to our existence. They know this and they also know how to manipulate the mind. All they need do is place an idea inside someone’s mind and that idea would then become a reality.
Just like racism. Someone influential, usually with money and power, has introduced the idea of racism and they did this in our history by invading other countries, conquering its people and then designing a way of life by means of lies and psychological warfare to keep people divided from each other. They set up a wealth and political system and use that to encourage race issues.

This has been the way of our society for the last 2 centuries at least. We haven’t learned because look at the news… racism here, racism there racism everywhere why? Because they want people to believe racism still exists to simply keep you blind to what they are actually doing.

They have been doing this for countless years now and still people don’t listen and refer to people that have knowledge as conspiracy theorists. More division among people.


I think you are correct except for one thing… racism and hate are defense mechanisms that have purposefully been misdiagnosed by the establishment and turned into the boogie man they need so badly. The last thing they want is people to ask why do people feel the way they do.


They are only mechanisms because they have been introduced to be so. If the term racism had never been invented, there would BE no racism because we would never have heard of the term. Can you see how it has been cleverly invented?

All life is a simple thought. I have explained to people time and time again what life is whether they wish to believe it or not but is our thoughts that can be cleverly manipulated and this is simply one example of how they have done so.

They have created racism for one reason and one reason only.

Divide and rule. No such thing as ‘white’ history, ‘black’ history. There is only human history and examples of how humans have been pitted against one another.

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If you were like these …then you would be ashamed… :scream:


I see where your coming from and looking at the past hundred years of development you are correct. It is a tool for divide and conquer.

However racism is the sibling of tribalism. It goes back to when two tribes were in competition for resources. It goes back to one group protecting themselves from another. It goes back to natural geological devision of various cultures and the most raw self-defense instincts and emotions brought upon their by their intermingling.

It goes back to people hating their invaders be they Romans, Mongolians, Huns, Conquistadors, Pilgrims or Anunaki.

I would agree that racism is being fueled and projected as a concept right now in society. It’s funny how growing up in the 90s we celebrated our victory over racism and all of the sudden it pops up in full force again. Which is only cover for the true closet racists the corporate establishment and their Zionist puppet masters. Because in reality racism is indeed a problem. One they have created with forced multiculturalism and immigration. But your average woketard would know to look for it at the end of their puppet string.

Of course there is white, black, Asian and even Jewish history and yes they differ and have their unique value. They are indeed all part of human history but they do differ and deserve their own place in history. Our cultural differences and identities have value and the push for globalism is a giant mistake. The thing is it will happen naturally but it can’t be force. Because when you force it you are guaranteed to get conflict and that is precisely the goal of globalism and multiculturalism. Globalism is a very advanced crime against humanity.

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Does it? How do you know its the sibling of tribalism? Were you around to witness this yourself? They have been lying to us for a great many years and humans have existed on this earth for MILLIONS of years. How can you be sure that is where racism comes from because the only thing we know about ancient tribal history is what is told to us from the same people in power lying.

Again it really has been educated to you this way to make you believe racism formed naturally when it did not. Tribes never went round acting the superior colour race. They were people just like we are and unless someone introduced racism to them they would have had no knowledge of the term either.

Remember, ALL history has been written by the winners. Forget racism altogether and racism disappears.