National Geographic editor Susan Goldberg: White people should be ashamed of their race

Most European languages are from the same Indo-European root. English borrowed a lot from Latin, but the base is still Germanic (basic English). They’re all Indo-European lamguages, though (Latin is under Italic).

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You might have a point there. And looking at the whole reset theory it would indeed appear that we used to live in a truly global society where most lived in peace with each other and racism as such perhaps did not exist or at the very least was not inflated to such levels of hysteria.

But it comes down to the natural instinct for self preservation. I guess we are saying similar things, question racism for it is not what it seems, ask the question why?

Its worth paying attention to who is fanning the flames of racism and anti white hysteria.

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And then you have the ancient languages of Etruscan and Sanskrit which the western powers that be really dont want to talk about.

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Well, there are more non-Indo-European languages, like Finnish, Hungarian (Sanskrit is Indian, I think). I don’t think anyone’s denying that.

I am referring to their connection to ancient Slavic and Russian languages.

They’re Indo-European languages, as well.

And who conquered Europe centuries ago? Our history only goes as far back as Egyptian and roman time periods. Anything before this has all been lost due to earth changing events and have been changed and twisted to fit the needs of the ruling power.
Most languages today are indeed all derived from ancient Latin. German included.

My Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ

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That’s not true. The Germanic languages existed before any contact with ancient Rome. The Germanic Nordic (Scandinavian) countries were never conquered by Rome.

Even (what’s now) Germany was never fully conquered.

You’d probably understand the difference better, if you’d spoke/understood more than one Germanic language.

Where as you are correct, the narrative they want you to know is that yes the Romans never fully occupied Germany but, just like the nazis infiltrated the American government, the Romans had done the same with Germany.
Remember that ALL politicians all serve a higher master. Germany, just like most other countries are all ran by politicians who all serve the same conquering empire.
There are many countries that they took many many years of planning and waiting but they did eventually take control. Wherever politicians exist, the same powers are in charge.

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they never do, they know why

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id watch that movie


Pretty much man.

Easy to manipulate one race against the other with the tool of the media. Pit them against each other,more culling…

but them…in the SHADOWS. They sit back with the popcorn and let the show begin. Let the death begin.
Hanging out behind the curtain pulling levers.

It’s been stamped out throughout history and keeps coming back on societies.

When it gets turned on it’s head,it becomes a “victim” card they use to initiate their tactics to empower themselves using human sympathy as a foot in the door to ready their next agenda.

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Leftover prostitution baby & Parmesan cheese boy

Parmesan boy is a racist. So is his dad.

Like father like son.

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Jesus is the way the truth and the life

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Sounds like another racist scumbag biting off more than they can chew.

Looks like she is ashamed of her family history. Owning slaves is a stain from history, should it stain her family today no of course not.

Lindsey Lovel Heidrich was born in Arkansas and her ancestors ran a small plantation in Georgia and owned slaves. “When I try and bring things up, or I try and criticize the South, you know, it’s never gone over great with my family.”

It would seem her anger is with her family who try to defend the slavery from their past.

I think when she used the word race she was being sarcastic, she knows race is not even a real thing, so it would seem she is trolling those who actually believe in races, looks like she got what she wanted.

I’m sick of Narcissists parading as human beings. ALL of them, no matter what their physical shell identity labels (race/nationality/skin color/genitals/gender/sexual orientation … speak nothing of the character that lies beneath them. Strip all those physical shell labels away, who or what is left? THAT is what needs to be found. The label does not signify the quality, although many use them in that exact manner. Most know where the higher functioning/high on the psychopathy spectrum “not humans” gravitate towards the most. Government/Politics/Military Leaders, Organized Religion, and then all the second tier of labels of power and money under them like Weapons of War manufacturers … the toxic, evil :poop: is deep and everywhere. Therefore, they exist among all the labels an absolute large quantity of :poop: who fall somewhere on the mild to severe psychopathy scale. And they suck the life out of life. And YES, the larger a color is, obviously they will have more :poop: per capita and throughout history because of their larger numbers they absolutely do and continue to do the most damage. And no, Narcissists don’t feel shame/ashamed because they never do anything wrong. If you haven’t destroyed another’s life personally directly or indirectly and with malice-bias/racism/sexism/rape/pedo/false character assassination … MURDER, you have nothing to feel ashamed about. You can only control yourself and are not responsible for the others of your color or anyone and the choices they make that clearly destroy the lives of many. :crazy_face: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: