Nature is the image of the tempter serpent?
And of course, nature is God’s creation, but like any child, nature is opposite to the father
And who is opposite to the Creator? Of course Satan

Nature 6 LETTERS
Satana 6 LETTERS

ask yourself, who will tempt us every day?Nature created us in her own image and created the levers to control us


Is this from the Bible or this is your opinion?

Didn’t God create humans (or Adam, specifically) in his image?

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Doesn’t quite quite work, seeing as how in English it is Satan, in Russian yes Satana. So its 6 and 5. Doesn’t work in Russian either, nature is priroda, so 7 and 6.

Interesting topic, so much hidden on our languages, Russian especially. Are you familiar with the work of Michael Zadornov especially in his later years? Fascinating stuff! :+1:

My opinion
First God created nature, and then nature created us humans

But I’m not talking about the Russian language !!
The world language is English

Thats what I’m saying is there is no satana in English, so you are comparing a Russian word to an English word. Not exactly apples to apples. Just sayin.

Unless there is something I am missing.


Correct so its satan in English, the [a] after the comma is a footnote. Just like the [b] after devil.

My main thought is this in everything
I meant that nature, like the snake tempter, tests us for strength every day

This doesnt make any sense.

It makes sense !! Nature has many names and many images

Could you explain it again so that its coherent? What is written does not make sense so far. Sorry

I wanted to say that we are part of nature and the fact that she created us for a reason, but in order for us to find answers, help her find answers

That’s not what I got from your original post?

I see where your goin…

And I agree to an extent.
Which is one reason why scripture teaches us to overcome the ways of the world.
And that we are not to love the world.

This subject could go in depth.
Good post.
Probably gona draw some flies though.
And some abrasive criticism.

Ill be lookin watchin to see where this thread goes.

I see where you are going with it. I too agree in part. Harking back to the Gnostic point of view that our realm is actually a creation of Yaldabaoth the Demiurge - or Yahweh the vengeful “god” of the old testament. The ill begotten creation of Sophia. Yes I would agree our existence on this plane is a test, one we have failed countless times and have been reset. Moreover we return many times over to get it right, very very few actually do. Its a trap!

So if you understand the creator god to be Satan, well then… you are correct. Really brings the “synagogue of Satan” into perspective don’t it?

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