Nazi youth snitch on trump supporting parents

It is unbelievable that americans are snitching to democratic chinese party

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Once my daughter told me she had a job and did not have to do housework anymore while she was living at home. I asked her nicely to hand me a dinner plate from the kitchen. She brought it to me. I asked her if she knew what it was. She said yes its a diner plate. I said “one we eat from right” She said yes. I said this is now your personal dinner plate and you use this one only. She looked perplexed. Then I broke it across the coffee table and said “you dont work here you dont eat here”. …That was conversation over and she went and got a broom.
That is what this spoiled child needs

My mind goes to those here that get mad when you mention Gods rules and act like they should not be held to rules. That is what is wrong with this child. They have never made her live by the rules and school and the media has taught instead of mother and father.
As it is written. “You reap what you sow”


Likely more a case of disgruntled revenge of a child having not liked being told no before she was a legal adult.


The democrat Chinese party? Really?.. ok moving on… This girl just took virtue signaling to a whole new level.

She better be moved out if and when I got home or I would show her a whole new set of signals and she would not see any virtue in it.

Rest assured that the Soros team will make sure she is well funded after this stunt.

She would want to come back home pretty soon .Pretty soon they may come back to haunt her. They are going to be looking an excuse to take children anyway.

Yeah how dare her call out Nazi’s not like we didn’t win a war eradicating their brand of fascism. No proof their were nazis there right?




But those are patriots?

I wonder how many of those guys are on dtv?

They can shut down trump but child porn goes on and on

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Zoom in on the eyes and you can tell she’s not all there…
My guess is, she dismembered her Barbie as a child and even now.

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…and children will rise against parents and have them put to death…


You see.
You see td

Yeah none of that, as I could tell is from the op article.
Links if you would, how this is connected?
Or are you just trying to incite something?

More so

On Twitter, she posted “hi mom remember the time you told me I shouldn’t go to BLM protests bc they could get violent…this you?” she identified her mom, aunt and uncle by name.

She and her mother came to an impasse, she says, after the police killing of George Floyd in June 2020.

There were zionist from Israel at protest in large numbers.

This whole thing stinks

I think trump is like me gobsmacked by whole thing

Ivanka and jerold told trump send them all home

Man points for that one

She is brainwashed…

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The answer would be too many. But my guess is they won’t be too long until they are rounded up.

True christian speaking.

I only hope you fatherless children do

I have a certain hope in father God