NCTC & FBI nefarious scheme to utilize Satanism in dissident groups to demoralize activists, splinter groups, & cause individuals to “disengage.”

The document, titled “The Order of Nine Angles Playing Influential Role claims the “Siege Network” (accelerationist fans of James Mason’s book Siege) on Telegram is a hub of Satanists belonging to a secret society called the Order of Nine Angles (O9A).

According to the analysts, O9A can be used as a tool for causing divisions and deradicalizing nationalists by morally repulsing them, “We assess that exposure to O9A’s doctrines may increase internal conflict and loss of members among already fractious groups. Many believe that groups espousing Satanist beliefs are ideologically impure and that their pro-Satanism members seek to destabilize the group.”

American intelligence officials also appear to be closely monitoring right-wing Internet squabbles and hoping to exploit them.

RICU is a Cold War-inspired black ops unit that is dedicated to covertly manipulating the public and destroying political opposition by inventing personal smears against targeted dissidents, creating elaborate honeypots and front groups, and steering discourse around contentious topics through propaganda disseminated via intelligence operatives posing as journalists.

The unit, brought back in 2007, cut its teeth with Muslims, but now it is being used against nationalists to dissuade them from engaging in political advocacy.