Near Death Experiences


A lot of good cases in this article. The author notes that about 5% of the population have had a near death experience. Personally, I don’t think death is the end of the line and we simply cease to exist. There’s too many examples of NDE’s that there’s something else going on. Debunkers will say it’s just chemicals being released in the brain. If that’s the case, how do you explain the experiencer witness a conversation in another room and be able to recite it in detail when they are clinically dead?

I think there’s quite possibly a whole other level of existence or numerous levels, planes, frequencies, what ever you want to call them. Maybe we don’t all go to the same “shared” afterlife which is why there’s so many variations of NDE’s. I’m not referring to strictly a heaven or hell scenario but if there are numerous planes I can see where correlations could be drawn. We could find ourselves one day at a place that is neither heaven or hell but something entirely different.

5% have had a near-death experience (


There are many verifiable NDE’s, where the NDE experiencer would see or hear things, in other locations, such as:

  • A red shoe on the roof of the hospital, seen as person was rising. Verified.
  • A yellow sticky note in a cubical, with exact wording recited by NDE experiencer. Verified.
  • A conversation by 2 EMT’s inside the back of ambulance, after person flatlined inside their home. Verified.
  • The actions of a step-father who grabbed a candy bar at hospital while step-daughter flatlined…, the candy had gotten stuck in the machine, he rocked it back & forth. Verified.
  • Conversation in hospital cafeteria by two family members while relative flatlined. Verified.

Many report to have (telepathic) conversations with Jesus. Some have dark entity, Satanic experiences.

  • Jesus is real. Experienced within many NDE’s.
  • Satan is real. Experienced within many NDE’s.
    So much more to this. So much more to life.–

I don’t know whether to describe my experience as near death or not, I certainly didn’t die, or at least I hope I didn’t, My experience was, I was riding my Lambretta back In the mid 80’s, It had been raining heavily for hours and I was waiting for It to stop, when It eventually did, I set off riding my scoot to my friends house, as I was riding down the road It has a sharp bend, as I was cornering a van coming from the opposite direction lost It’s back end and took me out, throwing me Into a ditch at the side of the road, all I remember of being In that ditch was feeling stunned and laying face down In water, I had a vision In my mind, It was total blackness with what appeared to be 10 bright lights, like stars, every five seconds a star went out, vanished, like It was on a countdown, when It got down to six I thought to myself, you’ve got to snap out of this, I could see my life ebbing away, and If the last star had gone out then I would be dead, anyhow I managed to bring myself around and climbed out of the ditch with little more than being winded and a sore knee, my Lambie was a complete right off and the van didn’t even stop, I suspect they had just left the pub up the road, but that’s my experience, anyone else has similar.


Jim Bruton has a great NDE experience that he share’s. I’ve listened to a couple of his full length interviews and would highly recommend anyone who’s interested to find the full version. The video attached is just a brief overview of his experience. The man has an incredible bio and history as well as an exceptional NDE.

Jim Bruton’s NDE - YouTube

I’ve had a few NDE experiences. It was like Neo when he dodges bullets and morphs reality, looking at himself in the third person. I imagine loads of folks after dying, have that hand to forehead Homer Simpson moment when they die, leave their body, and experience the ultimate mystery of life " Doh! ".

I’m just as interested in the topic of life after death and how to master the game of reality as I am the subject of UFOs

David Wilcock wrote a very interesting book on Reincarnation called the Synchronicity Key I believe, it talks about entire civilizations reincarnating together. Far out stuff

Good share!


You are right @Ripley , God is real and death is not the end. NDE gives insight in what we really are, spirits unbound by flesh. NDE enables realization that what fills the glove (body) is not just hand alone, there is a whole another “arm” and “body” attached to that “hand” filling the glove. That, more me (complete) than a sum of me in reality, is on it’s turn attached to something much bigger that loves us like we love our kids - without any boundaries.

IMHO there is a whole world out-there invisible to us, phase shifted. OBE is similar to NDE, with one big difference, NDE was euphoria of love and OBE doesn’t have that. In both cases I could see the material reality plane but I was unbound by it, however I could interact with it with thought constructs. Strong thought constructs left there can find their way into reality, nothing like winning the lottery but envisioning people I would like to meet brought them into my life as imagined after some time. Remote viewing far places, instant travel, keeping an eye on my loved ones when I was not with them, advanced warnings on bad folks I was about to meet in real life, solutions for my daily problems that I envisioned at night as questions were presented to me in the morning as a stream of thoughts…many things are possible once we exit the body. We all can do OBE but be careful, NDE is according to me sanctioned by God and we enjoy His full protection. OBE we do on our own and not all we encounter there is from this earth, one encounter made me “run” back to my sleeping body screaming Sweet Jesus, there is some evil stuff going on just as there is evil in this reality.

How I know? I was a goner, no pulse, blue lips with lungs full of water, oh boy did I have stories to tell when they brought me back. Knew what everybody did and said in wide surroundings in the 10 min I was out of this world.


:+1: Thx!! Woah!! If you haven’t yet, you should contact IANDS to tell your NDE story…

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I had a nde…I was in Afghanistan and them daggone mountains is dangerous…imagine trying to invade a mountain fortress in the cold and ur hands so cold that I had to look at my finger to be sure I was pulling the trigger cause my hands so numb and bullets whizzing by like fireworks…I watched tough mofos crying for mommy in middle of fire fights. There’s my nde…true story


On November 19th, 2019 I was in a car wreck, I had 6 major operations in 6 days, died 3 times and was chemically brought back. I was on delotted and leverall drips for 11 days. I had other things medically done during that time. I had a lot of hallucinating going on and the only thing I can’t explain was being in a black world. It had different shades and textures of black, very peaceful and I was walking on a beach type world light very far across a sea. Waves washing the beach and warm wind blowing in my face flying birds, crickets and came up to a White Owl that was on a bare tree limb coming up diagonally out of the sand over the water. it had a small perfect body and huge head, looking like a Snow Owl type. I remember talking to it quite a while all the time feeling peaceful and in awe of it. This is the only thing clear in my mind of this 5 weeks in ICU though I do have bits and pieces of other things real and unreal. I’ve only told this to my wife and now ( I can’t believe I’m sharing ) to the people here. I sure wish I could remember what it said to me!