Neuralink mind control

Elon Musk said in an interview that a monkey has been wired up to play video games with its mind by a company he founded called Neuralink.

Long term, Musk claims that Neuralink could allow humans to send concepts to one another using telepathy and exist in a “saved state” after they die that could then be put into a robot or another human.

Oh goody, a world of mind controlled AI humans. Big question is…who’s doing the controlling?


I already have days where I remember something extremely embarrassing I did 25-30 years ago and I cringe over it as it is now. I’m sure I’ve forgotten 90% of my cringe moments and I’m okay with that.

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Very good post!!!
Most have not consider the Pros…and Cons of this new tech being used in society…

Now consider starlink…
Voice to skull tech…
Quantum Super A.I. tech…


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I wonder if Elon is aware that this is already being used to torment people, and for decades at this point? Actually I’m pretty sure he does. People like Elon are a part of the problem!

This shit needs to be stopped, of course the libtards will never protest this it’s too big and most think it’s cool. We do not have a system of law that looks out for human rights, at best human rights abuses by governments and corporations get covered up.

The true human rights issues of our time is not pedo rights and gender hysteria, it is mind control and it is far more terrifying than anything we have ever encountered. Most mind control victims are not aware and when faced with evidence they choose not to see it. The horror is unreal and Jews are at the center of these abuses.

“Let me tell you: You take on the intelligence community — they have six ways from Sunday at getting back at you” - Chuck Schumer

This is one of those pivotal moments in history, if very serious actions are not taken and the abusers not punished severely you can kiss society good bye. For the love of God don’t have kids.

He cant call it telepathy if ya got wires hooked up :roll_eyes:


Not gonna lie, the technology is scary as shit. However, I’m a musk cheer leader. What he’s done with space x are things that should have been done decades ago by gov agencies but bureaucracy has insured that technology doesn’t advance or at least isn’t spoken about.

We went to the moon in the late 60’s but it’s taken another 60 years to do anything of significance like landing rockets on a boat and reusing them??

I do think there are more advanced applications in the skies whether it’s the x37b, tr3b, etc. but us common “folk” aren’t a part of it. At least musk gives us something to be hopeful for again.

I like Elon, he sometimes speaks the truth, he did about Ai. I can only imagine what he stays silent about.

So a good amount of this stuff has been used on me, over the past few years they started using my dreams. It’s the oddest thing. I never dreamt all that much before suddenly it started, at this point it’s so systematic it’s not even funny.

It started off with what I can only describe as surfing the internet in my dreams or just prior to rem sleep. I had no control over it, no real lucidity. But there I was scrolling and clicking on links. Then the notions of someone digging around in my brain, I would awake to an already active mind. So what’s your average “healthy” waking process… I woke up, oh the birds are chirping and the sun is out that’s nice, boy that dream was weird, can’t make heads or tails of it, ok time to brush my teeth and have breakfast. Instead I will wake up to a scheming mind literally digging around in my memories. As I regain consciousness I am able to answer these asinine questions perfectly fine, I know the honest answers, but they are fishing for something else… an angle. I never got used to this it’s very disturbing, often times accompanied by intense ear ringing and snaps, cracks and twang (attic spring) in my room.

Over the past year they really started using dreams to fish for info. So putting me in various scenarios and mapping out my reactions. Over the past few months a tick up in the people in my dreams has been noticeable. I never used to dream about people I knew let alone highly sensitized individuals. Now it’s like clock work. A few days I have dreams then a break for 1-2 days. Systematically pushing all the psychological triggers and mines they laid before. What was really insane to go through was a few months ago they had me dream a lot of dreams one after the other. It topped out at 8 dreams in one night, that was intense. All I can do is document what I remember upon waking.

So the government and shady cock gobblers can now use dreams to torment people and there is nothing the victims can do to prove what they are being subjected to. Technology is always abused behind the scenes before its existence is acknowledged to the public. Our system of law is so horribly insufficient. Terrifyingly that’s is the point of all this. In order to trick the public into accepting mind control technology as a “savior” and security measure they must first abuse it in order to set a precedent and scare the public into crying out for help. As always new control > problem > reaction > solution. Minority report is already here. The abuse is worse than in the movie.

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