“Never has a vaccine injured so many” reports from Israel, USA, UK

We are living in a time of idiocracy…


we are indeed bro, some call it the new normal, others clown world… one thing I know is true, shits only sliding in one direction, downhill.


Thank you! I hope your appt does the same and also you and your family are in my prayers.

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I know someone with vertigo that now doesnt leave the house, blood clots in someone my mrs knows leg and had alot of people tell me they wernt able to get out of bed for days and also haven’t felt the same since, do they give placebo shots where your from or something lol

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We got the goood sh#t :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

Isn’t Chemo Therapy a Disinfectant for Cancer ?
Chelation therapy a Disinfectant for the Blood ?

We are on the same sheet of music. It shows what the left (Deep State) will resort to to get their way. Fake News with a shake of Disinformation.

Everything Trump spoke of is New Tech that the MSM doesn’t show light on. I felt it strange the Chlorine Dioxide misinformation on Wiki too. Blatant lies.

"By exposing small amounts of blood to Ultraviolet light, the immune cells can become enhanced. Studies have shown that UVB IV Therapy can produce anti-inflammatory effects for auto-immune conditions. One study was a comparison review of two treatments for Psoriasis, UVB vs. Methotrexate. UVB IV therapy is non-toxic, not harmful and produced identical effects to Methotrexate without any toxicity. Methotrexate is a form of chemo therapy that is used in treatment of several auto-immune conditions.

We use this therapy for people with auto-immune diseases as well as cancer and infections. There is a beneficial increase in blood oxygen levels after the treatments and immune enhancement generally occurs after the 3-4th treatment and continues through the 12th session. We suggest a minimum of 1 treatment a week for 12 weeks. Some patients need an aggressive plan and benefit more from 2 per week for 6 weeks."



The most amazing part is that there are still 10’s of millions of people who still believe Trump said to inject bleach into their blood stream…

It is sad really.

That is what happens when your so reliant on the news your fed.

The day he made those statements on UV IV, HCQ, Chlorine Dioxide. The Retarded Left who are heavily invested into the healthcare industry fight to preclude new Tech from coming out into the market that they control. Raymond Rife creator of first color microscope and the Morbid Oscillatory Rate (MOR) of Pathogens. Google him. study then learn of Spooky2 (very similar).

Question is can they turn the affects and effects of this gene therapy around ? Or is that virologist correct?


The really sad and annoying part of all of that ridiculous propaganda aimed at President Trump, was that people’s lives were at stake and being used without care or consideration as pawns to try and claim the political high ground, when obviously risking people’s lives to get their own way is anything but the high ground. So much for the touchy, feely, caring and sharing liberals.

The annoying part for me, was there were more than enough window licking idiots ready to buy into it all enough for them to get away with it.


Trump disclosed new Technology with the majority not paying attention. Look how quick the ridicule and existence of it lasted. very short lived. It was suppressed in fact by the main stream media.

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Ok, now i’m curious…I’m afraid i must have been one of those that missed the new tech disclosure.

I guess if they are allowed to “shed” their biological shit on me, I can piss on them right?

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Yeah, keep vaxxing your kids idiots. It’s freaking child abuse. They say young adults, but they’re vaxxing down to 12 aren’t they? These kids and young adults have a better chance being struck by lightning than dying of the sniffles.

And y’all think you won’t take a mark on your right hand or your forehead if it was ‘for the children’. The atheistic, secular world being led by deep occultists right into the Biblically prophetic time-line.


How do u know, info please??

yes it was.

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The UFO disclosure is on Sunday night here in western Australia… comical!

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No but some implied it, hey gris im not here to tell anyoen what to say really,
i think you know that, i try really hard to be fair balanced objective and decent to all members cos i do like you all regardless of left right or whatever,
but i cant help just sort fo sticking up for people if i feel they are being unecessarily targeted or that kind of thing,

were adult we can be cool with each other and just argue talk disagree like adults etc,

your all good bro ive known you longer then you think and i like you man.
I know your right onto it.
So am i hehe.
Take care brother always here if you need anyhting ok.

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At least there are going to be less stupid people out there that we have to deal with at the end of this thing. They dont understand that they are euthanizing their very power base of people.

no worries, i was only asking, I know your a fair a balanced mod :beers:

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