New earthquake swarm on Canary Islands triggers old mega-tsunami fears for the US east coast

The National Geographic Institute has updated the data of the new seismic swarm of La Palma and reports that up to 7:38 UTC, December 26, and since the beginning of the seismic series on the 23rd, a total of 602 earthquakes have occurred.

The epicenters of the localized earthquakes are located in a dispersed distribution, mainly on the western slope of Cumbre Vieja. Since the beginning of the series, the depth of the earthquakes has remained around 30 km and the maximum magnitude of the localized earthquakes is 2.3 mbLg.

The energy released in the form of earthquakes in the present series has reached an engery of 6 Ă— 109 Joules.

The recent quakes, if they are volcanic in origin (which is not necessarily the case), might reflect a deep intrusion of magma in a lower storage area beneath the crust.

This seismic swarm is a sign of unrest. And such an increased activity is alarming to scientists as everybody knows that the collapse of this volcanic peak could lead to a disaster in Europe and along Northern America’s eastern coastline.

The video below explains how and why:


So being 200 miles from the coast I may have beach front property?


At least for a short time.

I am looking for a map of where the potential east coast tsunami would impact upon NC.

The governor’s mansion! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I was hoping for that LOL

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Nothing funny here. If this happens thousands perhaps 10’s of thousands could die.

Get a grip.

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If it’s not one thing, it’ll be something else. Better to laugh, then not laugh at all.

What come what may, don’t forget your towel.


You are of course entitled to laugh, I on the other hand find nothing funny about thousands perhaps tens of thousands dying in a tsunami.

Would you laugh at the Christmas day tsunami that killed 200’000, a few years back?

There is a time for laughter, the possible death of thousands does not inspire me to laugh, but that does not mean you don’t have to find that funny.

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Virtuous sentiment, do you feel you have provided them who have perished a service?

If any lessons are to be had due to observing natural disasters, is to live your life as if it is your last day. For all you know it could be.
Be it how you treat others, interact, words you say or carry yourself. It is all anyone can do.

Live to the fullest, laugh, enjoy and be ready to accept things you can not control.

You in your self righteous indignation do not even fathom my comment. The context and meaning.


Nothing virtuous about my previous statement.
nothing in your comment needs more than a second of thought,

I wrote the possible deaths of thousands perhaps tens of thousands is not funny.

You on the other hand are more than entitled to laugh at this.

This is called being an adult, no thinking human with a shred of empathy would fathom that what I wrote was special in any way.

There is a time for laughter and jokes, I get that part of your point, the possible deaths of thousands whether I can control it or not, for me is not something that would inspire me to laugh or make jokes.

You want to get your panties in a wad due to others comments, of people who are in the path of said potential impact.
I too am also in that region, but actually on the coast.

My comments are to living life in a world where nature doesn’t care about feelings, nor discriminate between human, animal or insect.

You Are attempting to place a predisposition to my comments

For the sake of your virtue signaling behavior.
That isnt

That is being a bitch.

You wanna run around and cry about it be my guest.

Don’t attempt to twist what I provided, or infer my position on past events.

An I wrote on the reality of living life and dealing with things beyond anyone’s control.

Enjoy pissing up that rope.



I have given you and others my point of view, that is how i feel about it. nothing bitchy to state an adult would not find this funny.

I am not crying, all I have done is state my opinion.
I wrote to you, you are more than entitled to laugh and make jokes about the possible deaths of thousands, or tens of thousands.

There is no disagreement here on my side, this is how I feel about this subject. This is not a point to argue, I wrote you are entitled to laugh and make jokes about this.

Prove your point, show me you are not just disagreeing with me for the sake of disagreement, prove your position go ahead and make a joke or laugh about the possible tsunami and the deaths it would cause.

No skin of my nose.

I wasn’t calling you bitchy. I said you are being a bitch. There is a difference.

Because of inferring statements such as this.

Nothing I’ve provided this thread is based, nor inferring such.
Others who are affected are dealing in their way,
I, being one who potential is affected commented on mine.
You who are not affected tell others they shouldn’t do, as they do.
Be it off handed jokes of others, or outlook on dealing with said circumstances.

That simple fact you are caught up on this.
Again shows you do not comprehend my meaning.
More so have tried and tried to lead it in another way.
That sir is being a Bitch.

No skin off my nose either.

You perceive a point, a disposition of needing to prove something. These are failing in yourself.
And why I have the unfortunate task of calling you a bitch for it.

Harsh on my part maybe. But I do not like people, even over the internet trying to lead my comments or put meaning that was never there.


In simple terms you are arguing for the sake of arguing.

You are arguing a point you are not willing to do.

you assume I will not be affected, how do you know this?

Quantify your position, laugh or make a joke on the tsunami, go ahead find a joke about what could possibly be the deaths of thousands.

My point is this subject is not something that would inspire me to make a joke about or laugh about.

Your point is they have the right, which I have agreed with you. Anyone has the right to laugh and make jokes about this or anything else. Just as I am entitled to my opinion of someone who would do that.

Show me there is substance to your words instead of complaining and arguing about how I feel about making jokes of possible death of thousands…

So go ahead and stand by your point and laugh about this.

Edit , I am curious what is the difference in being bitchy or being a bitch?

Not harsh enough. Over the years I have heard that arrogant azz called name that would make the devil blush.

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You had it coming, glad to see you have learned your lessons and are a much better member for it.

You drew first blood, don’t forget it, I did not let you get away with being abusive.

Simple as that.

I have it on good authority that it’s @Star_Man working the heavy bag in anticipation of his throw down with @Noentry…

Only a date and purse split are holding things up :rofl: :beers:

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