New Information about the Murder of Seal Team 6

Many of us felt something was very wrong with the narrative about what happened to Seal Team 6… Some new information has been coming out regarding the death of Osama bin Laden… A recent interview explains this and also an Iranian extortion plot… Describing some of the key players and cover-ups… If true, it is no wonder why so many wanted someone else to hold the office of our Presidency… I do not see how those involved can avoid a day of justice, to fall on their heads…

I am not personally endorsing this information as absolute truth… I am merely offering this story for your review in an attempt to offer possible information of value… Supposedly, this information has been passed forward with more coming… Within the coming week more documents, photos, video and voice recordings should be in the hands of our President… I do not believe he will act on any of this information until the election is over…


I want to hear any & aver thing about the Seal Team 6

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So as the official narative is that Osama Bin Laden Died:
May 2, 2011, Abbottabad, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan,
Why would he have been in Iran , did I miss something as this point was not mentioned , lack of homework , i missed something or total BS.

The best rumor I have heard is that Bin Laden was not killed but was secretly taken to Kennebunkport Maine to the Bush Compound. It is known fact that the Bushes and the Bin Ladens were in bed together financially and Bush only cleared one airline flight on 9-11 and that was getting the Bin Laden family out of the U.S


I knew what really happened 2 days after Benghazi and Extortion 17 was clearly a cover up of that… and the OBL BS, that was obviously a hoax. So nothing new to me, but I’m glad it is being exposed. However it seems all of these criminals are too big to fail:( We’ll see…


Here we have an older gentleman trying to find out what really happened to his Son and why… We have another guy weaving these tales together and showing how it is all connected… I do not know if he is legit but he is convincing as weirded out, CIA Spook… This may explain the money connection…

Yes, I think you missed something… Your question was answered by the guy playing the role as a CIA Spook… I am not saying this is all true… I am saying, an older man in the video is seeking true answers about the fate of his Son…

Bin Laden died years before ST6 was dispatched to kill him again.
ST6 was brought into the public realm to make them look like heros along with the Obummer administration, and then taken out of the public realm to continue operating in the dark ops world.

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You really think they would kill highly trained soldiers like ST6? Not a chance.

Yes, I think there were some illegal arms that had been delivered into the hands of terrorists… Shoulder launched Stinger Missiles were part of that arms supply… A helicopter was taken down by something… The best training in the world can not protect you from something like that…

Why not? They kill presidents too


Along these lines…Osama Bin Laden’s niece has some interesting things to say about what would happen if Biden was elected:

So…there could be more to all of this…but…just saying…things are getting weird!


Good find Mr. Chronicnerd… I think you are absolutely right… Things are getting weird!..

Hopefully, this puts criminals Obama and Clinton in jail once and for all.

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We will have to wait and see if that actually happens… I do not personally believe anything like that will happen until the next election is over with…

That burial at sea was the first thing that alerted my BS meter


bin laden was already well and truly dead when they fabricated the bin laden killing story.
they had to take out the seals to make sure none of them talked.
dead men tell no tales.
it was the end to a very long ghost hunt.
great narrative though, make themselves look like they achieved something militarily.
then axe the seal team to fuel americas hatred for muslims.
ta daaa.
well done spooks.

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You could be right. Hopefully time will tell us

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Nobody is untouchable or unreachable mate…especially if they trusted the wrong people.

Highly trained soldiers are s**t hot on an operation, but tend to relax around trusted company.

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Supposedly, Iran was supposed to “entertain” Bin-Laden until the US set up a strike team to intercept in Pakistan. Instead, Iran blackmailed the Obama administration(remember the pallets of cash that sent them) and set up a body double who seal team 6 killed. They realized it was an imposter, dumped him in the ocean and were going to go up the chain of command until they were sent on a suicide mission bu the Obama administration over Afghanistan(apparently to cover it up)and were shot down by a stinger missle that was supposedly sold to terrorists through Benghazi by Hillary Clinton and the US state department…something like that

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