New Presidential Theme

Harry Nelson has a song from the album “The Point.” The song is titled ‘Are You Sleeping?’ I’m not tech savvy enough to post a link, but it’s easy to find on ytube if someone else can do it. Since joe won in a landslide, maybe kamallaha can change Hail to the Chief to this. Very apropos in my opinion…

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I’m truly indebted Sir, thank you.


Thanks for the intro. I will check out his other tracks/songs.

I just heard of him recently from the movie 'Russian Doll’s, they play “Gotta Get Up” frequently in the movie.


Your welcome. I’m and old fart so this genre is my style. I grew up in Alabama so you know I have drain bramage. And the 70’s might have had an effect, I can’t seem to remember. LOL

Sgt. Bill



Trump won, that was called sarcasm.

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I thought Joe Biden won … at least according to the “new math”, where things like counting (i.e. tampering with) votes matters more that you “know what you are doing, rather than to get the right answer”.

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Yep Dat It :guitar:

Honesty genius.
Good choice.

Dudes a Genius

Got All His Stuff on Vinyl :guitar:

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It honestly sounds like a song from a a modern day apocalyptic/Dystopian movie when it just starts and it shows all the b-roll footage of wrecked cars and zombies eating heads.

Using the song ironically you might say.

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