New Research Claims Our Reality Works Like A Matrix-Like Computer System

A recent physics paper claims that our universe works like a neural network similar to a Matrix-style computer network.

This debatable proposal was put forth by the University of Minnesota Duluth physics professor Vitaly Vanchurin. In an interview, Vanchurin admitted that the idea is radical.

The Universe operates like a cosmological neural network

Vanchurin developed his theory while exploring the aspects of machine learning using statistical mechanics. Vanchurin discovered that mechanisms related to computer learning were nearly identical in some ways to the dynamics of quantum mechanics.

A computer neural network functions via nodes. The behavior of nodes works similarly to biological neurons. As the computer network learns new information, it will change. This change provides the nodes with more priority and allows them to connect bits of information in order to increase their knowledge and capabilities.

Vanchurin thinks that his idea can accomplish a highly desired goal of modern physics. This goal is to reconcile classical physics, which describes how the universe works on a large scale, and quantum mechanics, the study of the atomic and subatomic level of existence. Most physicists think that if one views the universe as a neural network, the behaviors of the universe can be explained by both the strange equations of quantum mechanics and the laws of classical physics, such as the theory of general relativity created by Albert Einstein.

Vanchurin also claims that his theory supports the theory of natural selection. Vanchurin explains that on a microscopic level regarding the network, some aspects would be more stable than others. The stable ones would survive this evolutionary process, similarly to natural selection.

Although Vanchurin supports his neural network theory of the universe, he indicates that this does not mean that we live in a computer simulation, which is what some other physicists have proposed.


Hi, you may find this link of some interest in regards to your post.

A while back, there was more about this on the net but now it seems like most of it has just filtered away.

Could this explain some of the Cvd/5G correlations??

Notice she got “silenced” just before all the outbreak.
Makes one wonder just what conclusive evidence she found.

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