Nine Reasons NOT To Get The FLU Shot

If You Need Convincing

Or Already Know

Healthy People Don’t Get Sick

Flu Vaxx Are a Scam

And Are Actually Detrimental



I’m checking this and trying to verify

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Wouldn’t Suprise Me…

And Big Pharma Dependent

I have read that last year in Italy the given flu vaccine was a new one. It was said to have been a quadvalent vax using 4 strains of flu. And has said tohave been why so many people sucomed to covid. What is also intresting is a report fro the UK by the ministry of defence. (Screen shot of article from the Unity News Network website in the opinions section) claims from a study carried out. That thos who had received a flu vax was 36% more lightly to contract SARS COV2 then un vaxxed people. This may have 2 reasons. First one is, was there something within the vaccine that contained the SARS COV2? Or secondly. Did (which i feel is the issue) that the actual flu vaccine caused an immune response in the body which allowed the SARS COV2 to become more able to infect people. This effect is a well kown and has been observed in other vaccines. Where you get protection from one or several strains. But at the same time weakening the bodies immune system. Leaving it open to other prevalent strains. And in many cases is the main reason why people are more susceptible to other prevalent viruses.
With my conditions i have already received my letter from the NHS to book my fue jab. But this year i am taking my chances and refusing it. Every year i have had it i have become ill. With it lasting 3 to 4 weeks. And having read the lists of what is in it. I have a feeling that it is responsible for the aggravation of my Occupation asthma caused by spraying paint containing lead chromate. Thisbgets triggered by a number of day to day household products that contains aluminium and other elements. So lets see if i have a flare up this year without the flu vax no thimerosal nor aluminium injections for me thank you.


There is much data coming out how there are cancer causing viruses in typical vaccines given - like MMR and flu vaccines- that can be activated years later to cause cancer. Wake Up Everyone! We need a major overhaul in our medical system. :beers:

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Every year you had the flu vaccine you became ill for 3 to 4 weeks? Wow! Is it mandatory?
I’d start figuring out if there’s a way to detox.
Also, I am now wondering if this (flu vaccine) is what is being read on the pcr test? Apparently people vary, this amplifications vary. For example: if you had flu shot last year, the pcr amplification would be 1 in order to see it. If someone’s last flu shot was 10 years ago, the pcr amplification would be 10 times more in order to see it.
They’re saying that just about everyone has cv19 readable material in there bodies. Is this because of the vaccines?

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Well this year i won’t be having one. Has yet vaccines are not mandatory but i feel that will change soon. Currently UK government is pushing the flu vaccine and increasing numbers of who should receive it. Even though the MoD study has said it increases risk of getting covid. It makes you think is there an ulterior motive for pushing it?. This symptoms i get are more related to my type of asthma and not so much flu. I put it down to the crap that is used in them. The only reason i had it was because i have OA as well has stage 3 Heart Failure. This was said to protect me. But now feel its put me more at risk. Has for the PCR test. Well we all know that it was Never ment to be used as a diagnostic tool. I think we have all seen information on how amplification can cause more false positive results than actual positive ones. From what i have read from the UK NHS site and others. They use 20 to 40 amplifications on the PCR test however NHS says they go upto 45 amplifications on it. Has to if these tests can identify between covid or other members of the cronovirus family is a huge mystery. Most in the field say no it won’t! So if this is correct then anyone who has had a flu shot would test positive for covid with enough amplification. Has the test is looking for a cronovirus RNA strand. The fact is almost everyone of us will have this floating around us has junk DNA/RNA strands. Because we have all had flu or a common cold in our lives. And this stuff is what helps our immune systems detect and fight such illnesses. I did have 2 covid tests back in july so i could attend a heart transplant assessment both did come back negative. So has it shown i don’t have a cronovirus RNA strand in me? Or covid for that matter? What i think is the thing pushing this plandemic now is more testing with either more people who had it and was not ill. And still have the RNA strands. Or most probably we have more false positive results due to greater amplifications been done.
I for one do not trust what government and MSM as well has the so called scientists are telling us. I personally feel that the real virus is a bad flu strain. And the true virus if that of fear been pushed upon us.

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Blessings …


I Have Read Tons of Material

The FLU Jab

Does In DEED Make You
More Likely

To Get CoVid

Much Obligied

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Right…Is Interesting…

I Will Not Get Tested…

I Do Wonder…

I Had Maybe 5 Vaxx

As a Kid…
The Latest Some 45yrs Ago…


I have yet to read anything that states otherwise.
And this kind of information is been dilibratly hidden or removed from the public to hide this very important fact. This then raises the question of why? This is certainly no conspiracy theory. Because we can see it happening before our very eyes. This then leads to the reason has to why? I personally feel its all part of a plan to not make people well, more like to make us ill and dependent upon big pharma meds or to simply cull the population.

I Completely Agree

Got the flu shot a couple of winters ago…thinking with the little fella it might help avoid getting him crook…felt like I bounced from one dose of flu to the next…never again :beers:

Exactly what happened to me. The only times I’ve gotten the flu over about the last 10 years, are the two only times I’d gotten the flu shot. I stopped getting them, as well!! :+1:

A few other reasons not to get it: we’re social distancing from one another, wearing masks and religiously washing our hands. All those behaviors should drastically reduce chances of getting the flu.

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I’m 39. Haven’t had a vaxxaroni in 17 years. Before then I had em on a quite sporadic basis. A handful throughout my life.

There was also another theory presented:


No Surprise…Geez

10th reason…don’t allow anyone to bypass your immune system with anything. Your immune system is the main body defence, loyal only to you and impossible to bribe or to be made to take profit above the best interests of your body. Being so incorruptible and faithful is the main reason why many with financial interests in the vaccine industry would like to bypass it…to make you their customer, repeating one looking at the vaccine side effects.


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