No explosives found in Boxtruck. Giant over reaction

Better to be safe. Cops were doing their job

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I disagree. I don’t support irrational knee jerk reactions due to fear.

I expect if it had been close to you it would not have been so knee jerk, Besides what did they do wrong. Someone had a concern and they checked it out. If they had not checked it out and something happened they would have been crucified for not doing something…

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Considering the fact that I lived right down the street from the Sandy Hook school the day the school shooting happened. I do know how I react after some extreeme event has happened in my vicinity. After that happened, I did not support gun control nor did I think it made sense to expell kids for making hand gun signs at each other after the fact. There is zero virtue in allowing fear to arrest a person’s ability to make rational judgements.

This “if something did happen” argument could be used to justify any action so I need more than that in order to accept reactions like this as rational.

They called in the bomb squad and closed the road based on someone reporting that the music it was playing was similar to what they heard from the RV. That is a completely non linear response to paper thin evidence by cowards who are more afraid of public opinion than maintaining a sober approach to investigating CREDIBLE reports.

Sandy Hook and this??? How does that compare at all? Guns were not illegal then nor now. Bombs of mass destruction are illegal. We just had a bomb blow up a few days ago in Tenn. Now we see an odd truck…and we should jus ride by and ignore it. No one got their rights violated. No one was hurt. The incident the other day gave them probably cause to search.

For your example to work you would have to tell me two days ago they had a school shooting and today you saw a masked man carrying a rifle going in a school and you just thought no big deal …
Compare like things man.

The analogy is the reaction and yes they banned “assault rifles”, high capacity mags, and you had to register your firearms after in CT. This drove me to leave the state. This is about allowing fear to arrest one’s rational judgement… if you wouldn’t have done it before an incident, you shouldn’t do it after. Something happening once in a row doesn’t make it reasonable to assume it will happen all the time so you shouldn’t change your responses or laws. If the once in the row argument was a legit argument for extreeme change well then after the first commercial airliner crash, they should have banned air travel. The fact is we can’t control everything and we need to stop being such cowards.

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That will never happen. A while back me and some friends were shooting near his house. He has property that borders a northern transplant area. So a deputy rode up. He got out and walked over and talked to us…stood around and watched us shoot and said have a good day. When asked why he came he honestly said and no offense. " Those yankees called and said you guys were shooting all around their house and they could hear bullets hitting their house". He said " I knew better but i had to put down on my report i checked it out" Then he said " Next time you guys are going to shoot call and see if I am off work". He likes the 500m targets we have set up .

They have to check things out, especially in this law suit world we live in.

I’m glad this situation was checked out and I’m glad it wasn’t anything. However, I believe this situation was all part of the conditioning that is happening. An explosion occurs causing destruction. That puts everyone on edge and they star paying attention to their surroundings. Someone notices something odd and calls it in.
We’re already a hotly divided country, people are fearful of this covid crap, unsure of the vaccine, and now this. The spirit of fear needs to be discarded.

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Just like they will be doing when they kick in your door cause someone thought they saw you sneeze more than once.

No they will not and you like the other poster are digging deep and not comparing like things. Coming into my home and a random parked truck the day after a bombing in a similar situation is not even the same thing man…

You guys will compare a squash to a rock to try to dig up some sharp reply when examined under the light its just DUMB.

Our sheriff is very pro Constitution by the way and is not one that will be knocking doors because of a nosey neighbor. I can tell you are living in fear of the future very much

You know these staged events are so they can do just that later right? Just like the Boston BS…they locked down an entire city and went door to door.
I would love to live in ignorant bliss but unfortunately that’s not an option anymore.

I will not live in fear. I do not owe them my peace of mind. I am very prepared to handle it if they come here with some stupid stuff like that. Fear is what makes sheep people put on a mask knowing they are making themselves sick. Fear is what makes people take an untested shot. Fear is what makes people wear a mask driving down the road because they believe the virus will blow in the vents of the car and get up their nose.
You think we are ignorant because we are not scared?? I say people are scared because they are brainwashed wussies
You worry for me. I just cannot find it in me to do it.


The so-called authorities need to look for who or where the MISSLE came from. MISSLE , not an RV , a MISSILE. Most likely came from the DEEP STATE, possibly from some ISRAELI ASSHOLE , or Saudi ASSHOLE , OR BETTER YET , POSSIBLY FROM SOME GOOK (ccp ) ASSHOLE BY WAY OF AN ISRAELI ASSHOLE. Ask Sen. Feinstein she will call Joe Lieberman , he might know.

The missile theory is psyop junk conspiracy to muddy the waters. Don’t spread that trash here.

No it’s not you jerk-off , the missile has been caught on video and there is another street camera that has shown the origin of the blast, it is across the street from the RV. The blast was from the missile and it is NO THEORY . The only muddy waters you are experiencing is in your shorts and you are stinking up the place. Take some Imodium , cure that bad case of diarrhea , take a shower , change your shorts and try again , flez. And you take out your trash with those shit-stained shorts.

I cannot find that video. Can you post it?

Disinfo agent… He has joined my exclusive ignore club…

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