No Jab, No Job!

Saw this pop up on my feed, company based in london, i work in construction industry but in Manchester, see how long it takes to reach me!


On the comment section on my local rag 'the hull daily mail ’ there is a total knob who is sacking any staff who refuse to take the jab. I said about those who can’t due to medical religious or ethnic beliefs. And he said there gone! This has to be fought and fought hard because these have ligit reason to not take one and under UK law are protected by racial religious or disability laws. I even told this dick hope your insurance is upto date and have a good solicitor. I am getting so sick of this shit now. If an employer forces anyone to take a vaxx get it in writing in a legal format and make it explain that ANY adverse effects illnesses or death will hold that employer fully liable for any and all damages. We need to fight back against this shit because these unreported peaceful protests are doing nothing to end this.


Saw Poundland-Rod-Stewart’s interview with Julia Hartley Brewer, who despite professing to be pro-jab verbally demolished him.

Amongst his assertions were:

  • He doesn’t care whether staff have had the Flu or MMR Jab; only 2 doses of the COVID jab
  • COVID is the Flu
  • The ones rejecting the jab are “the bad guys”
  • It is absolutely his business to have access to his employees medical information

No it is not. A person’s medical information is fully protected under the 2018 GDPR ACT FOR DATA PROTECTION. So this dick has ZERO rights to that information. This is why under the cronovirus act 2020. You do not have to give any details has to why you are excempt from wearing a mask. And why it says you should not ask or challenge an individual about it. All you have to tell anyone is you are medically exempt if you are asked. Even the police can not legally ask what your medical conditions are. And if you find yourself in that position tell them that that information is protected by law under the GDPR ACT. And if they still push ask for a pen and paper. And make it clear in writing that any information you provide on your health is protected under the GDPR ACT 2018. And if the officer repeats any information you may provide is protected by it. And CLEARLY write if ‘add name number of said offier’ says any of that to anyone else that they will face legal action with a fine as an individual upto €250.000 and the force for which they are employed by to a maximum of €20million. One thing we got from the EU that works for the people this. This also applies to anyone who breaks this GDPR ACT for data protection. Know your rights and stop letting these fascist scum walk over is. Its time to fight back with all means at our disposal.


I read somewhere that technically this vaccine roll-out is a trial lasting for 3 years, (covid-22 ahem) This “vaccine’” does not cure or prevent anything it only reduces symptoms so they say therefore it is a medical treatment and it is your human right to refuse a medical treatment no matter what label they give it


The information for this i think was for the Pfizer and Oxford Astra Zeneca vaccines which don’t finish until March/April 2023. And was on the UK government website. Has was seen in a recently posted video those lining up for a jab was not intrested in any information they was been offered with regards to it been an experimental gene therapy nor what rhe ingredients in them was nor their rights under the Nuremberg code for this information to be given to them prior to a jab. Some people are beyond reasoning with let alone explaining the danger they are putting themselves in. To those people, we who try to inform are nothing more then conspiracy theorists and covidiots.

All this and the CDC is halting the Pfizer and Moderna Jabs because of “above average inflammation in the heart.”

…and they wonder why we don’t want it.


Its crazy just how crazy people have become brainwashed over the Wuhan flu. My heart is knackered i have damaged lungs due to occupational ashtma. And suffered a pulmonary embolism and so on blood thinning medication along with a shed load of others. We are all seeing reports like this of the vaccines been dangerous yet we have still got UK government pushing this agenda to vaccinate all. Do i want to take one? Hell no i have enough problems without adding to them​:rofl: but according to a friend of 42yrs who works in the NHS i wont be allowed to go on a motorcycle rally held by the Hull and District Motorcycle Club in September because im a dirty anti vaxxer. He has forgotten all my health problems and allergic reaction to a number of the vaccines ingredients. Just awaiting him to confirm his stance on this. I can see if i can take some form of legal action on the grounds of disability discrimination by not been able to have a vaccine due to medical and disability. See how the MoFo likes that the filthy Nazi he has become :rofl::rofl:


This is how satanised human demons roll in the world,
always have and always will,
they love death especially children.

Thats why they are going after the kids now.

I have come to two conclusions for this jab pandemic vax deception,.
one is depopulate by creating sterility and or death short or long term,
the other is vaccinating against the vmat2 God gene to create worldwide God hating
atheists ready for the mark of the beast globalist nwo system.

Which the world is already heavily brainwashed against already.

Those two reason are the most valid in my mind,
and the vax may deal with both of above not just one reason alone.


In Pakistan:

No Jab, No Phone.


So because you have heart problems, they don’t want you around at their bike rally basically?

Some real stand up people they are.

It is, to me, very suspicious as to why Charlie Mullins has thrust himself into the limelight in relation to the covid pandemic from the start, appearing on Zoom meetings with Itv, BBC etc, throwing in his tuppence worth.
Something very odd about this guy, both in his interest in the covid subject AND in his appearance.
I don’t like this guy at all!


Not that. Its because i can not take any of the vaccines because of my health problems and allergic reaction to ingredients in them. It makes me a dirty anti vaxxer and covidiot. I challenged my GP has to why i was constantly been sent texts and emails to get a jab from them. When UK government guidelines said if you have any allergic reaction to any of the ingredients or on blood thinning medication should NOT take one of the vaccines. I simply got oh its just a generic message sent out. They dont send them now🤣 the whole no vax no job BS is nothing more then medical apartheid. And this is dilibratly been used via sustained brainwashing of the sheeple to further dividing the people. Has one post points out ‘what will happen if suddenly the vaxxed start dying on mass?’ You can bet the vaxxed will be told its those dirty anti vaxxers fault its them who you should deal with. Thats what the UK government are already planning on doing from reports from early this year. They plan to blame any rise in deaths even though most will be vaccine related. On the anti vaxxers and children. And i would bet not only will we then see forced mandatory vaccination. But also large scale civil unrest. We need to stop sitting on our arses and start to prepare for what is still to come.

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I’m not pro vax by any means, but my view as an employer is this. I don’t care. If you work hard, that’s all that matters.

I also do believe though that employers can and should be able to do what they want. I say this bc the employee doesn’t have to work for that person. A job is a choice. You don’t like the one you have, get another one. There are plenty to go around. Hell, start your own company, then you can be the boss.

I just don’t see why this should even be a fight to begin with.

How long until you cant buy or sell?


This will be going around the freemason lodges now starting with all the top companies they own. I cant see it going well in the future for a business that wont comply, you wont be awarded job/contracts that were easily available beforehand, people fight back, companies get shut down! This is going to create a group of people that are against the vaccine but feel they have to have it to survive financially. All while living with an imense feeling of regret, i rekon suicide rates will go up just through regret alone. Do the want to weed out the strong rebelious ones for the fight against the NWO’s alien invasion? :thinking:


I’ll guarantee that these employers are using it as a marketing/sales ploy. Nothing to do with health.

All our Engineers are Vaxxed!! – so use us instead … Our Competotors Arent Safe!

Anything for an edge.

They’ll probably try to make it an industry standard. Watch this space.

What should be asked is, As an Employer, what safety measures have you put in place to protect your staff & customers? … None?! … Cause your all Vaxxed? … and you think thats enough?


Most employers these days can not discriminate against you because of your race, sex or religious preference… I once held a job where they could not discriminate against Queers in the work environment… They were a distraction and a danger to the mental stability of the other sane individuals who also worked there… In fact, their job security was almost guaranteed… Yet, they appear to discriminate if you can not offer proof of injecting dangerous poisons into your own body??.. Your personal medical information is supposed to be private and not available for co-workers or employers…

Most people need a source of income to care for themselves and their families… Requiring untested vaccines as a condition of employment or continued employment is clearly wrong… If someone dies or is disabled because of these requirements, it is the employers should be held responsible… By creating a work related injury or death that would not normally occur… The world we live in is absolutely turned upside down… This is Medical Tyranny at its finest…

If you’re a white male and want a job I guess, you’ll have to play along with all the new rules… Wear a dress into work each day along with purple lipstick… Have a record stating you’ve taken all your vaccinations even if it kills you… With every insanity and perversion being promoted and forced upon us…Those who are still in denial that a Devil is on the Earth controlling things are in for a rude awakening…


That dress lipstick bit got me🤣