No longer a drip?

After reading the new stats from the DTV amins post. @Lukas

It seems to me that there is a virtual movement of knowledge going forth.

So much info is disappearing from the web at an all time high.

But, It seems that people are leaving Mainstream and are looking for whats been taken.

I myself have had wonderful vids that 404 within days, or hrs.

Fortunatly for us, We have a platform where members can still share common purpose of:


Thank you.



Yeah… but the site has already been wiped a few times, yes it cool we have this place to discuss things, but definitely keep your own backups of everything.


:+1::sunglasses: Definately

Ya agree! Love this site, because, we are treated as people that can make choicest, based on logic, and knowledge. Topics of interest, bias, fake or real. Giving us choice. Not letting media chose for us.

The moon secret radar communications need to be taken over by patriots, then maybe the signal wont be manipulated. Then whatever they got beneath us controlling signals. How did the military lose control over the communications? Rogue entities or what?

U got something brown with corn in it on ur nose


The information of new breakthroughs seems to have become a flood.

Theres a lot of awsome, Interesting things Members have been posting.

Together we are letting the cat out of the bag.

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