No pic or link on this post! Just curious about something!

I am new here (somewhat) trying to get off FB for most part. At my amusement i try to read all comments on different types of threads. I have found that 99% of comments are enlightening and others are known answers! But here is where my curiosity comes in… I have notice that some ppl respond to post JUST to be rude!! WHY whats the point? Like others im getting off FB because of the childish behavior! And yes i do understand ppl have their own opinions but you can state them without being rude or heres a thought just dont respond!!

Just curious is all!!


It’s the internet…people aren’t held accountable for the words they say. It just goes with the territory.

Ignore the things you don’t agree with…easy peasy.

Now get lost you punk :laughing:

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Trolls will be trolls no matter where u are…want me to make u some warm milk? U skirt !!! Lol :wink:

The overtly toxic nature of DTV really began post 2016 with the loss of active moderators. This then led to the formation of various factions and flame wars, and the allowance for certain groups to consistently harass various users and belief systems. Those users then decided that they would not be run off of DTV, and have reacted accordingly. Add in the influx of morons who unabashedly post known media propaganda, and respect is at an all time low.


Oh i do ignore then ones i dont agree with even biting my tongue on some lol i remind myself im a mature adult and dont have be snarky. But there are some on here that purposely get on a post they dont agree on or see the person they dont like post it!! I think to myself take that mess to fb lol.


Trolls need to go back to their bridge and let some of us learn things lol


Honestly respect is at all time low everywhere now days!! I know my parents would backhand me if i was disrespectful! But im for old generation

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Just ignore the rude gang. DTV is a mirror of society.


I am :grin: im glad i signed up here it been a great change! I was just curious as to seeif i was only one who noticed the negative nellies lol


Hey…you learned what a troll is and how they operate.

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Exactly right, that was what I was going to point out.

Toxicity has always been on DTV.
It is all about choosing to rise above it all.

I tend to fight fire with fire. Most trolls get burnt, the others are to simple to feel shame for their stupidity.


Lol i knew what a troll was and how they operate its mainly why i came here from the other social media! Just wanted other ppl thoughts

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You can’t escape the trolls, they’re roaming every corner of the public Internet.

Just don’t feed them.


You claim to fight with fire? Ok maybe so, but you come across to me as creating fire sometimes. 10 likes on this post will prove that one, my friend. All we ask is for you to respect others points of views on posts and refrain from been a little abusive. I hope you are well and I wish you well.
Thankyou. :yellow_heart::orange_heart::heart:


Yes I know you know…my point was that they taught you something.

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Lol taught me who i need to watch out for :grin:

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Right. .a lesson is a lesson whether it comes from the dark or the light


I never draw first blood. I am often the last one to draw blood. That is when the butthurt emerges.

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Lol amen to that :rofl:

Wrong. When I was a new member here and knew nothing about DTV or how it worked you attacked relentlessly on every post. You created a hostile atmosphere and many people that would have been members left or never got an account because of you and you alone. You openly admitted trolling a member the other night on another post. You got more than one person banned here after you kept remarking snide remarks and they lost their cool. You draw people out so you can report them. I can remember two very good members that left DTV just because of you alone. Many members over the few years I have been here and we disagreed bitterly but we have worked it out and now I have respect for them even though we still do not agree are a witness to that.
Do not play the innocent card because we all know different that have been here awhile
I also wish DTV would start checking some I,P addresses as part of their normal protocol
This has been a honest respectful reply to you and I already know you cannot handle that.
So there for all the new members to see and pay attention to. its out there.