'No priority' for basic spelling as classrooms focus on climate change, BLM and gender fluidity

Sky News host Alan Jones says there is too much focus in Australian classrooms on climate change, Black Lives Matter, and gender fluidity, while there is “no priority” for basic spelling.


Hoo sez der iz n0 fowcuss onn spellan?


No problem just substitute your children’s reading and writing skills with Ebonics… They will grow up to have a worthwhile future… Sarcasm or reality??..


Tat is wat thy saz …so itt mus be tru

gunz an fazcarz


Don’t feel bad kids I can’t spell either but I had a stroke they kill cursive writing now grammar don’t they know other languages lead to there brain expanding

Come on, as if the system dumbs down childrens, or trans-sexualises them either,
next you will be claiming they are trying to control them and or reality itself with the power of destroying the very words we all use to communicate with?

Couldnt be true. Inconceivable.
Gander fluidiotry and clymate chang are very important,
especially for young children,
what other way are these satanic creeps creating this "progress’ for all of humanity
going to totally destroy & f a whole generation or three eh?

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Paid education is excellent. The system need cashiers and road sweepers.

If you did not send your children to a good school or paid for their education, then you as a parent failed them.

privat school? well i dont know if you have such wealth but the most people stuck in the loop of todays kapitalismcommunism. without the wealth you just cant do F. and to say its peoples fault is a bit grim. iam living in the poorest area of germany where people just basicly, espechialy today dont have it. and the whole story “you can make it” kapitalism has become communist propaganda past down from older generations.


An excellent counterpoint to my position.

I did not send my children to private school, I came from a very poor area, in the 80’s my school was one of the worst if not the worst in the UK.

I got up every day, worked hard and moved to an area where the schools are very good.

But your point stands, I can easily make grand gestures from my self imposed pedestal, in truth my position only stands when I include, all things being equal.

I do not know your life or the difficulties you have, so I would be wrong to prejudge you from a position of ignorance.



I have often wondered:

"Why do we have to pay for our educations ? If we are the future, representative of the generations. We do we have to pay. It should be provided as a basic right to progress the nation forward. Aye?.

However, there is money in them there hills. Making it a very lucrative industry. Today, You can be literally dumber than shit and be able through your parents hard earned money become one with a bachelors or above degree.

Those of the past that drove our systems have turned everything that should be given as a basic right into a lucrative revenue platform.


its like with healtcare .if you have the money they have spechial treatment. mostly with education you get your kid away from kids that could be "bad " influence and you have a “betha” education skills enforced where is more money behind it. like why do you have expensive organic food or fake food. success is just not a warrant

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Ironically enough: just a few days ago I was in a verbal sparring match with someone who claimed to have their master’s degree. Yet they could barely form coherent sentences and did not know the difference between an apostrophe and a comma (the person kept insisting that I had bad grammar because I didn’t know the proper use of a comma, and then I finally realized they were referring to the apostrophe in “master’s”). After several minutes of a back and forth they finally posted what looks to be a framed master’s degree yet blocked out most of the name and the field of study. My guess is it is in something entirely useless like humanities.

Anyway, this just illustrates OPs post of how misdirected our education systems are becoming.


Private schools are elite privelege…
totally unaffordable.

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I believe it is a way of controlling how the children of the establishment think, the elite private schools do not teach the same that the free schools teach, the curriculum is almost separate to ours. It is also used to pinpoint those who think they way they want them too.

That is why most world leaders if not all come from elite paid education.

The private schools teach of academia and progressing in todays society. Where the public schools teach of transsexuals’ and fisting at an early age. “One of these things is not like the other”

I enjoy listening to those who cannot stop using the word “like” in the sentence structure. I feel bad for them as they cannot articulate the verbiage to communicate a simple sentence. But will use the word like to associate what they are trying to say with something else.

I feel Like.
What does Like feel like?

Don’t get me started on double entendres.

Needs* :joy::joy::joy:

your reply made me lol, your self proclaimed great intellect could come up with a reply and all you found to come at me is a missing s.

That is called that living rent free in your mind.

Oh yes, schools are completely ignoring spelling because of BLM and gender fluidity…lol. What a crock of a headline.