No SHOT no LIFE for you

and things are already leading to this…


Here is some food for thought. Make sure you read the link about Dr. Robert Malone. Very interesting and pretty scary!

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Starting to look highly suspicious. Any of our vaccinated DTV members have an opinion? Looking like the vaxxed are the ones most likely to catch Covid, as well as be hospitalized because of it. But we’re all crazy conspiracy theorists and you feel just fine right?


I think the data has looked suspicious for a while:

  • Despite the UK jabbing far more per-capita throughout winter than western Europe its excess mortality largely overshadowed that of western Europe until Spring
  • Prior to the jab rollout Gibraltar had recorded 16 “Covid” deaths since the start of the pandemic, then rocketed up to #1 in the world for “Covid” deaths-per-capita after recording an additional 67 deaths in just a month following jab rollout

I was being a little facetious for our jabbed DTV comrades who seem to be the most quiet when it comes to discussing the possibility that the jabs are making things worse.

The time such data has been published makes it even more remarkable!

This is an illusion that they are holding over everyone’s head.

Oh ill take a shot for life, but it will my gun against their heads. Then another shot of Jack Daniels.

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I doubt much if anything will come of it but nonetheless took what for me is an unprecedented step of emailing my MP: