Norad space command cheyenne mountain

Ok so, as a huge fan of stargate and many other things also, it makes me wonder where information for Sci fi comes from.

Now, many things such as Lord of the rings, Harry Potter, arrival and other Sci fi movies and series, have all been based on information that was taken by the rich elite of this world.
As I have mentioned before, gene roddenbury created star trek and was also a freemason. Let’s take a moment to look at the emblem used for starfleet,


Now, the one on the right was for the TV show we know as star trek but, on thr left is a symbol used by the United States today. How can that be? Why do you think that is? Gene roddenbury was one of many given military briefings before he made star trek.

Also, take another moment to look into NORAD,

The cheyenne mountain complex, used in a Sci fi TV show, is actually a space command base. Also, inside this space command base lies the same symbol used by the US and in star trek,

They really have been keeping huge secrets from us all whilst everything we think we know about life has all been purposefully misleading information by a corrupt political establishment whilst they keep on hoarding secrets, technology and equality from us all.


‘’ They really have been keeping huge secrets from us all whilst everything we think we know about life has all been purposefully misleading information by a corrupt political establishment whilst they keep on hoarding secrets, technology and equality from us all.’’


… You all WorkingSlaves must WAKE UP…

And realise that Their Benefits,are not for you…

Even so they are Selling you out…


Yeah, star gate, one ofbthe best sci fi swries ever.
Did you know that on the end of every episode, on the end of the credits…the las thing say aomwthing like thia: " big thanks for the help of the US navy …bla bla bla… And the U S Space force. You can go and have a loon for yourself. Its crazy. And the main caracter, one pf them was realy a genneral on the air force. There is a lot more to it.

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Oh yes brother… I do indeed know. I made this post for fun. I’ve known all of this for a very long time.

I’m still waiting for a new series. After sg1 and atlantis I want to see what’s next… I wonder if they will ever make a brand new series carrying it all on rather than more prequels.

They have a reboot of the franchise in the works. If you look on imdb you will find another stargate movie planned but ifa a reboot not a sequel. I don’t think it will ever be made…

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They did made another one after atlantis, it is called “star gate univesre” but it’s not as good as the previous ones… Thats why they did only one season i guess. They found a lost space ship of the ancestors with 9 star gate adresses to access it… You can even see jack o’neil for the last time in the first episode. I grow up on sg1… And my two sons will too…its a mind opening material that makes you wonder abouth your existance… Hope they make a new one as you say.

Interesting that in the episodes ‘Heroes’ the planets name was P3X-666.


Yeah I watched universe but I was not impressed. It was missing… everything. I do like the main actor in it though…

I’m actually rewatching it all at the moment

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In esoteric lore this is supposed to represent Christ, many Catholic scholars assume that is Jesus Christ

In exoteric lore that is the representative of Pan the heshe demi-God of the earth ( Lucifer in Freemasonry. Earth is x marks the spot is also represented laterally by a circle with a dot.

Third planet from sol

666 is a reference to the number if this fame replacement Christ who works miracles in
Revelations (13:17–18

The wiki on this is interesting for the dabbers of gematra 666 (number) - Wikipedia).


An interesting note is ‘Blakes7’ an English sci-fi series from 1976-78ish, characters from the Federation wore the same insignia but were treated opposite to that of Star Trek and ‘rebels’ were the ‘freedom fighters’.

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Whats the big deal norad was around before startrek so startrek producers made there symbol like norads

This is the deal. They have known the truth of the universe for thousands of years but they are still keeping it secret and only giving people the stuff they want them to think.

They use this information to make money off people while they hoard wealth, resources and knowledge over everyone else.

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Damn cant get a bigger correlation than that!! See how time slowly add stuff up.

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Thanks Chris.
I’ve looked into project blue beam. It’s just scaremongering. All religions have been written and created by… man.

Personally I think we all need to be wiped out and started again.


I loved star gate SG1 - dark skies - brill, i have them all someware.

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I had the boxset with the arc of truth and continuum with it… forgotten how much I enjoyed them.

I finally broke down and read Game of Thrones. Then I read the supposedly true writings of the “Contemporaries of Marco Polo”. It’s got me thinking - some of the most unbelievable and engaging fictions are based on what people accepted or continue to accept as actual truths. The Vigilant Citizen has a very interesting article on emblems/psyops badges that fit well with what you’re talking about here. I’m disappointed because fiction-wise - I’m finding that some of my favorite fiction/sci-fi authors are waaay less imaginative than I imagined them to be. They’re just rewriting old knowledge/histories. Interesting post!

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