"Normal People" vs "Conspiracy Theorists" In 2020

Strange times…


Oh that’s good!

Strange times. Nice to see a normal view of a meal, but to the trash Thanksgiving goes and it belongs. I don’t celebrate my native people’s genocide


I happen to agree with that sentiment. However let’s be honest is anyone out there saying thanks for the greatest genocide of all time? “Muwahahaha those pilgrims sure let those injuns have it!” - I dont think so. Still symbolically it’s messed up.

Your native people were murdering their own on alters… hardly ‘peaceful’. I’m also not aware of any immigration policies they had… oh wait… that’s right… they never established a country, they were too busy killing each other and roaming the landscape, yet somehow we’re suppose to believe they ‘owned’ the entire north american continent.

Do you know why they’re called native americans? Because they never established even a name for their “homeland”… at best they were ‘natives’ of the earth…

How about a ‘thanks whitey’ for introducing us to nearly the entire modern world… like that computer your own for example and the electric which runs it.


This is probably the most ignorant thing I have ever read.


Every country in the world has been invaded then held by it’s captures. That’s how countries are formed… Right now… every predominately white country is being flooded out world wide at the same time… and I bet you’re not crying about that…

You know the other thing that never gets mentioned when it comes to ‘the poor indians’? Is how the latinos ‘stole’ nearly the entire south and west from them… and how did they ‘steal’ it? War.

And here’s another thing Indians never want to speak is owning thousands of black slaves.

But hey… whitey bad… everyone else good.


Yep That’s Right…

The Former Head of

The Cherokee Nation

Sets in My County

Chief Joseph Vann

Had a Mansion

And Slaves… .

Extremely Wealthy…

Whitey Didn’t Like It…

Then Whitey Removed Them

The Trail Of Tears

Runs Through My County


I wish I could like this 10 times.

That’s pretty funny

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Pictures are worth a 1000 words ( : Awesome.

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If you did some actual research you’ll find out yes they did praise their christian god for taking out natives. Research before making a statement of something you know nothing about

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Don’t worry bro, we celebrate it for you…

I jest, LOL

You joke now but what happens when you see your people getting the same in return? You’re people would be begging for help

I descend from Vikings, Saxons, Picts, and Gaels bro, but my people are Americans, as are yours now. I can understand the stigma that “Thanksgiving” might have historically for you, but only you can rise above that and see Thanksgiving for what it actually is today. A time of reflection, gratitude to God and family. A time to repent and to do justice, love mercy, and to walk humbly with your God.

I really meant no offense, just felt you left yourself open for that one. The past is the past, how can we move forward if some are still entrenched in a defeated and resentful mindset?


You should research thanksgiving more. That bs they feed you is just that, bs.

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It’s about celebrating a day that’s rooted in Genocide, regardless whether you pray to your God in thanks for other things that doesn’t change the root of it. After all the word Thanksgiving was created because of it, not for any other reason. But I see things getting worse now in this time period and I’d say karma has returned. I don’t like Antifa but all I see are whites saying whites are evil. So I’ll let that program play out and watch what happens.