Not the sharpest tool in the shed. Pt2

This guy makes no bones about his/their intentions. I’d say he’s pretty brazen with his remarks, but then again, who could deal with him, his handlers and his minions? I mean, he has world governments and their enforcers at his beckon call as we can see what is happening. Granted, a few are standing up to this tyranny, a tyranny that is deliberately destroying lives in the name of the reset, but how would you deal with such widespread tyranny?

I firmly believe it is our God given right to be free. Even if you don’t adhere to a higher power you probably would agree.
So again, I pose this question: What are your personal intentions when dealing with what has, is and will occur?
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Talk about an ‘eyes wide shut’ type attire.

When you have a small group of beings - I won’t say people because they’re probably not human - who feel it is necessary to enact certain measures that basically are going to reset the world and it’s presented as a necessary thing, this ideology is coming from their perspective rooted in fear, a fear that their world is becoming uncomfortable in some form or another. Could it be that they are being revealed to us at an ever increasing rate and that they are getting a little nervous?
I personally believe human potential is unlimited; that it is only held back by these entities that pose as humans. Why do you think they wish to strip us of our faith? It gives us strength to be our best.
Instead they take it away, or pit us against each other, or both.
They are not powerful because they do not have what we have, and that Is unlimited potential.

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I didn’t vote for him. Did any of you? Globalists! Soros and his fellow tyrants.

This is the thin veil, beginning to be pulled back for all to see. Not so much for us (people who question their narrative) and people like us but for the masses.

They laughed at some when they used words like N.W.O, Illuminate, Secret Society & Agenda.

But I fear many will be proven correct in the times ahead.

What will I do?? … Prepare as best I can. Try to withstand them taking what I own. Stay debt free (thankfully I am now but that’s sheer dumb luck).

Stand together with others and have the courage to physically stand against them if/when it comes to it.

And probably above all else, pray for the strength and courage needed to endure what’s coming.

The guy in the video isnt splitting hairs or mincing his words so I’d rather be mocked & somewhat ready, than ignore what my gut tells me and get steamrolled if they are able to fulfil their agenda.

I dont know if anyone can be fully prepared.

This wacko looks and sounds like that cult leader who thought a ufo was coming with that comet to take them away from Earth. It’s psychotic zealots like this who deserve the darwin award.