Not the sharpest tool in the shed

WTF is he saying?
Why is this embarrassment allowed out of his basement?
Are his handlers that sure of a win that it no longer matters if Joe makes a fool of himself?

I couldn’t finish the video. As an American I am ashamed this idiot made it to this point. Any legitimate votes he might have received says a lot about those who did vote for him.

the mind boggles.
wtf usa??!!??
the other world leaders must be having a great laugh.
he seems like hes on valium.
do you live in a rural area silver?

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Umm this worse than Bush folks! If you didn’t get to the end of the video… it ends with the Bomb Iran song! Like I said liberals and Biden supporters which war do you chose next? There is a few on the schedule…

Dubya 3.0 right here, if Obama Dubya 2.0 was that bad can you even imagine America making through this crusty demented pedo? I can’t!

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I think I am now stupider from hearing that.

So if you all didn’t vote him in then he obviously stole the election.

If he did win that election fair and square… what does that say about the core of America now? The America I knew even 10 years ago would be embarrassed to have that guy get up on a podium and represent them.

The America I knew wouldn’t let him run a paper route.

This investigation is going to say alot about Americans over the next coming days/weeks.

Who do they see standing steadfast in the face of adversity? When 3 syllable or larger words are needed to be said. When woman and children are looking for the safe place they used to call America and nobody sniffed them and whispered inappropriate things in their ears.


Here come the boogy men, the bombs, and the chemtrails. Everything needed was said in that clip.

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Biden is probably the antichrist but he is funny as fuck to watch mumble his way through a talk

Man this is pathetic it’s actually disheartening I can’t believe think Americans are idiots and pawns that they can do whatever they want to us and nothing can be done to them…I just went through the whole emotional spectrum from amused to saddened then to blind fury and that’s exactly what this is meant to do… they want us to destroy each other the American people. They think they can’t be touched… well we’ll see…

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Tptb are laughing in our faces with this.


I know it man and it absolutely disgusts me to the core… even worse there is really a large portion of Americans that think he really won…or just hate Trump so bad they act like they believe he won…there is no way america would’ve chose him over Trump.


I heard on Alex jones show that the supreme court is finally going to be involved soon I pray something or anything else happens other than harris and Biden running our nation…

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I passed a huge Trump train or parade omw to mississippi today It looked like they were headed towards georgia by the direction they went… massive coñvoy of trump flags and boats, floats and decorations… I wanted to turn and follow them but I had to be at my step daughters dance recital today… but I would have dropped anything else to join them lol I’ve never seen any president or leader with this kind of support it’s amazing tbh.


Watch out for Alex. He’s siding with Tucker on the Sidney Powell thing…

Really I hadn’t heard that I only caught about 10 minutes of the show today… I know tucker is casting doubt on what powell has claimed I felt like hes just acting like a spoiled kids because she refused to give any details to anyone at fox.

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I live out in the high desert north of Phoenix.
Just found out I have a mountain lion taking a sh!+ in my backyard! :flushed:

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Holy crap man I that would flip me out especially me having lived on the city all my life idk what I would do…I wonder how long it’s been around there lurking around?

We moved in almost a year ago and I saw tracks on the property that were way bigger than a bobcat. Then I found out neighbors not too far had spotted a mountain lion, not to mention a bear.
Coyotes, javelinas, foxes. It’s a zoo I tell ya!

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Lol sounds like you live with swiss family robinson :joy: bears are incredibly dangerous but the mtn. Lion is deadly and can creep up on you and you would never see it coming ,:flushed:

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Whoever voted for this psycho is a blind sheep!


They have to see it happening too😳…the plan is for Harris to take over I’ll bet


Way Scarier

And More Dangerous

Than Your Average Bear


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