Now Britain is hit by MONKEYPOX!

What a coincidence , inject people with monkey virus DNA and lo and behold lo up pops monkeypox in the most unlikely principality (most likely dumbed down population ) in the UK.

You just can’t make this shit up !!!

Two patients in North Wales test positive for killer virus they caught abroad (alledgedly)

Two cases of the deadly monkeypox have been confirmed in the UK, it was revealed today.

Better get all those children vaccinated a bit quick

> Giving evidence to MPs today on the handling of the Covid pandemic, Matt Hancock casually announced he was dealing with an ‘outbreak’ of the killer virus

(Britain hit by MONKEYPOX: Two patients in North Wales test positive for killer virus | Daily Mail Online)


They will blame the vaccine fk up on monkeypox - among other diseases.


I wouldn’t be against bringing back hung, drawn and quartering for that mob.


Give ‘em 6 weeks
They’ll have a vaccine for it


Hate tobe the bearer of bad news…as I detest these gene therapies.

There a common strain of chimpanzee influenza in them.

A chimpanzee is not a monkey however.

It’s an ape. Which is totally different.

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Monkey see monkey do :see_no_evil::hear_no_evil::speak_no_evil:

Are you watching me? :rofl:

Since when are 2 cases in one household considered an outbreak? If it’s related to the Vax and 2 billion people globally have been vaccinated shouldn’t there be more cases?
I’m not saying it’s safe but if every little thing that happens is blamed on it it will cause people to overlook legitimate concerns

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It makes total sense with all the pretence and mimics of lyrics that an imitation infestation would shake and wake up sheep blindly following their tails


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