Now they are saying ALL deaths were over 80. What about all the younger people they plastered in the news dying with no other illness?

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It was not all that long ago that the rich idiots in power were shoving heart pulling stories about younger people dying and even used young mothers in the news and allsorts to try and CONVINCE people of their lie.

So what exactly has been true? None of these people can be trusted and anyone still listening to the crap they are coming our with really does need a HUGE reality check.

This has all been the biggest load of bullshit they have ever tried doing to us. They tried to cause fear with bird flu, swine flu and now the kung flu.

We are and have all been lied to for a very long time. Rich people in power have been controlling what information we see for many years throughout history.

Take the plastic waste argument as an example of a lie. Pollution is caused a lot because of plastic waste so, the most obvious way to stop that would be to STOP using plastic. Instead, they come up with a different form of plastic and then charge the public more money for the same plastic wrapped items so the same people making the plastic earns even more money from… the public… while they get even more wealthy.

In the decades I have been around, all I have seen is political rules that always make it harder for the people but easier for the rich man. Drugs are also a big example. We have people in the uk that will happily sit around begging while using money for hard drugs and those people are uncared about and forgotten. If things were legalised and controlled, those people would be able to find a place in society for them. Instead, the rich make drugs illegal simply so they can make lots and lots of money from them theirselves. The uk sold a cannabis company to the US last year. The uk has opium deals with China and yet the drug that kills and destroys more lives than any other drug remains to be alcohol which is extremely easily available.

Lies, corruption, double standards, poverty, inequality… all causes by rich people in power with their own agendas.


Cummings doing his mate Boris a big favour by masquerading Boris as being opposed to lockdowns (despite having presided over three of them), while reinforcing the false narrative that we ‘should have gone in to lockdown sooner’.

All a glorified puppet show. They aren’t bitter towards each other at all.


All rich mates together…

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Heres a couple of screen shots on the sky news app. Has you always so well say its them against us. Well first screen shot is yet another attack on the public to go with covid vax passports for anyone going to a night club from September. Now they have added to this with ALL football matches

And just to add insult to this attack against the public. Just look at screen shot 2. MPs will NOT HAVE TO SHOW any form of convid vax passports for parliament.

When are the people going to say NO MORE. are they all really this dam stupid and can not see whats going on?

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There are those who have the money to do bad, those that do good, and those that dont participate in other than themselves and just accumilate. Then there are those that dont have money and dont care. Remember that life? Money doesnt grow on trees, but food does. Use what you got, but do it for the greater good.

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