Oakland: The Whites Can Starve

Oakland, California is the first city in America to hand out free monthly cash to poor residents, but only if they’re not white. Poor white families are explicitly excluded from the city’s welfare. Hungry white children simply don’t matter, and they’re actually proud of that. The California politicians say they’re especially proud to be doing this at the birthplace of the Black Panthers. It’s so ‘progressive’. Meanwhile, they’ll continue “fighting racism”.


Being someone born and raised in california, the bay area, who’s grandfather used to drink booze and smoke by age 12 and beat up “niggers” as he would call them… I am not one bit surprised at the anger from the black community. My grandaddy used to live in east palo alto, which for a long while became one of the most dangerous cities in the bay area. Building development projects pushed all the blacks out. Most went to Oakland. These people have literally been abused in this part of california, FOR GENERATIONS. The only thing gonna be left of cali once the earth changes come, is the oakland hills will be islands. Let the people there consume themselves, it’s a fight to the end and there’s no help to be had when you got angry humans pitted against eachother by design. Hope this changes someone’s mind and they be better than all that. Lord KNOWS I’m being the change.


Imagine if we lived in a world where white folk were considered so inept they needed hand outs, thanks Oakland for pin pointing the problem.


You’re accepting responsibility for others actions? Good grief.

Those who were victims only are entitled to resolution from those who did it. Not the relatives generations later.


It’s incredible how overtly racist the “anti-racism” left is.

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My grandfather was a freemason. I survive freemasonic abuse. Get to know someone before you ASSume. I am native america, born to the lands called America long before USA. I am not associated with my family. Again, if your purpose is to judge others with a goal of striking a nerve or putting someone below yourself, you fail. I come from freemasonic bloodlines, I am in my power, and I will not tolerate your shameful assumptions on my character. EVER. Go in peace and go get yourself a life to feel proud of.

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So your Indian grandfather was beating up black people. Was that a freemasonic ritual?

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Pretty sure its illegal what they are doing but… whatever…

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they want everyone at each others throats.
divide and conquer, divide and rule
gotta keep up the division
they do it here in my country, billions go to native tribes which triggers a lot of other folk


What if you identify as black?
Should get the money then right?


technically, the man was my step grandfather. the native blood in me comes from my paternal father’s side. Step grandaddy is on mommy’s side. HAPPY??? You are a dangerous moron, and you are not my friend, so i’m done explaining myself to your dim witted shallow sense of being. Piss off.

Your name fits you perfectly.

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A line has been crossed in this mad, mad, mad country. The backlash and course correction coming will be epic.

I thought that too, but this program is set up with private funds and therefore has the prerogative to dole out the money however they see fit–I guess…

Mind of a monkey.

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What are you grateful of?

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Time to invest in marijuana stock lol.

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