Object passing the moon. Accidentally captured by photographer

You can see it’s high on the atmosphere because of the visible atmospheric distortion on the object. Saucer shaped too.

My skeptic self would say it’s a geostationary satellite. This was shot at 5600mm in focal length so this thing is moving slow (If moving) I guess we can compare the speed to those of moon/planet occultations, since the movement might be only an illusion of the moon actually moving.

My inner UFO believer is thinking this looks really similar to the spinning top UFO on the us navy videos that were recently declassified.


Cracking photo !!! plz could you give me details of … camera/settings/lens, as i have just started astrophotography … many thanks, john. :beers:

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i`m from Cushendall!!! … :cowboy_hat_face:

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