Off Grid Water Systems For Your Property

Plenty of Free Water

With a Little Know How…

Why Be Dependent
On Tptb…





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Good article, thanks for sharing. I’ve been reading up on this so it’s very timely

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Thanks, no worries here, abundance of water sources near by. For those with sheds and DIY skills … water from air.

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Ok I’m all on board with this thread
Total prepper
Water systems need to be cleaned bristol fashion every month and one half to two months.

I have a bottom feeding water cooler hot water cold water and every so often they get a funk/mold taste , it’s time for a military cleaning.

I got in alot of Trouble in the Navy and I was on permanent extra duty. I learned how to clean like no one I know. Now I’m a messy hoarder but when the hour comes to clean a thing right I got the chemicals and the credentials to affect positive change.

No bleach, no vinegar, no peroxide ( does work a little) no baking soda. They all leave off taste .

Pro’s use beer line cleaner to get protiene’s and mold completely gone. You see fluorides and phosphorus in water make a great breeding ground for mold and the bacteria that live on mold . You don’t really smell mold it smells woody when you do.
images (2)
Ps if you pee and it smells woody you need a kidney cleanse.

Thing is even pottles water contains fluorides and potassium chloride a witch piggy back phosphorus for dna construction.

Our hero’s are a base that is as strong as oven cleaner cAlled "Beer Line Cleaner " wears safety face shields and gloves and a acid that is strong called Star San foaming sanitizer

Now these get used and rinsed thoroughly between and each and after. The foaming allows you to see if it’s washed out.

So the other half of this water storage cleaning is designing a system that you can mechanically (physically )scrub. And fittings you.can remove easily and clean.

So while system shown is a temp solution indoors where sun doesn’t create blue greene algae ( very important ) the black tan and red mold use our fluorine and chlorine as oxidative energy supplies. Along with natural yeasts and their byproducts which are aerobic and anaerobic

Lots of word soup to say " design a thing to clean "

I have RV’s I do this cleaning too, you can carry water bottles if you like I would rather use RV as designed.

Now a back pack able water solution

And two half buckets that are food grade

This Will filter for your family and a little more
It’s slow it’s a ceramic filter and it is the first thing that should be in your bug out. Filters to a half micron

Also I recommend

These two can get you a year in the field

Water pumps 12 volt and food grade hoses and a terry cloth cover to keep the carbon out of ceramic filter maybe sew a cover or three just in case.

The next time you get a soda from Fountain drink despenser if it tastes funny they have a bacteiostatic filter that has gone foul . Here’s the one from my old trailer

That’s what we had in navy soda fountains
It has a silver annode in it, it’s expensive but it’s the best.

I know it’s a big post, sorry I have alot of time on and in the water , and I hate drinking bad water.


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we are on rain water only here.
wanted to put a bore down but apparently i would be wasting my money.
i have a 30 000 litre(6600gal) tank and another 15 000 litre tank for potable water.
it has a 1 micron filter mostly for giardia safety.
then i have a 22 000 litre(5000gal) tank for the garden which i fill from surface runoff which collects in a hole in the ground i dug.
also another 1000 litre tank for the toilet filled with surface runoff.
it all works pretty well.
grey water is a thing i need to work on, at this stage i actually just have it running across my driveway in an open drain, not so bad but kinda stinky sometimes.
so thats my next project, greay water recycling system running out to a small wetland area and then irrigating mostly firewood trees.
was a bit worried this year, normally everything is full by the end of winter.
this year we came out of winter with about a third of capacity full, not good.
luckily we just had a couple of heavy rain events and now everything is full, all ready for the summer.
i feel pretty privileged to have my own independent water supply, no chlorine/flouride etc.
no water rates.
brilliant, the only thing is that rainwater has pretty much no minerals in it.
adding himalayan salt is how we add minerals, also changes the osmotic pressure of the water making it more available to the body.
have had to do a lot of terracing and swale construction to retain as much ground water as possible and help recharge groundwater.
life is good in my neighbourhood.


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AweSome Sauce!!

We Gotta Well

And Cistern
Rainwater System

My bird Evey day wants to have his xmas

i used to be a wine maker.
in the winery we used caustic soda to clean the tanks etc.
we would follow that up with a citric acid wash, mostly to neutralise and rinse off the caustic soda.
probably much the same system you are using there @Othelzer, may even be a cheaper buying option?
nothing much stands up to a good caustic bath.

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