Oh ya know just more liberals letting their inner racism shine

The fact that she’s shaking during this is :face_with_raised_eyebrow::face_with_monocle: :thinking: interesting. :wink:

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She gave him no reason for shooting her, though certainly such hysteria and abuse can lead to that.

I wonder if we will get some more info on who this lady is. It looks like your typical over privileged closet racist white Cali libtard in a white Mercedes. And here she is yelling a Hispanic officer baselessly claiming he wants to kill her and that he wants to be white. Text book liberal lunacy, the bat shit crazy kind.

If any hysterical liberals are reading this and can still see straight through the fog of REEEEE-rage please take note of your emotions and question them. As we do live in a time where mind control is being actively used against people especially you, and this is exactly what it looks like when they target an all egomaniacal narcissist. It’s entirely possible same crooked shysters somewhere we’re laughing their asses off while this was happening, ponies are wonderful horses. (They’ll know what it means)