Ok, 'nother father's day, nor any other day, best folks are punished, but we let them think thus... eh?

So, just anted to bitch a little more, so ya, am a dad, ya, I took night shift whilst she slept all daytime, worked my ass off, never a birthday nor fathers day really even acknolwedged… but still, I smile. Divorce and bullpucky, and yet… I smile… but yet amongst everythin over so many years, yes,i still have Ire. But this last day, this blessed day, and my drone footage this day, and my fave tune, a year later for all to hear… in 12 hr, my first attempt at editing a vid, puttng musc that played every step… and such a power place from my youth… yes,i smile. nobody really cared about this vid but me… and still…i smile. means more to me, than anything on earth. I felt a touch of beauty and divine in me this day, so stayed up a;; night to make it… and wanna share it.


Very nice job dude.

Smoked a bowl and took me on a lil relax trip…


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This is really good. Where is this exactly? There are some interesting shapes that look very much like ancient sites with grass grown over them… Really good.

Happy Father’s Day!

clawspiracy… thank you, it is a place called dinosaur provincial park, south from hanna, on hwy 36, towards brooks, a lefty on the sign, just before the big hywy 2 east-west. this is where most of the dinosaur relics at the Tyrell museum of Paleontology in Drumheller Alberta got most their fossils, about three hour away, and my most fave place to be. I remember running my lithe body at youth all up and down those hills, when mom and dad said was ok… felt so strong there, felt like a man, for the first time… and nearby was where they filmed quest for fire =, in the eighties… remember that sucker? well, i had a drone, learned it, and new fangled cinematography was new to me, was used to black and white photography, then this kinda technology… damn, grandpa woulda creamed his jeans with what we could do now… i don’'t have the licenses now, but we didn’t need em then… and Leo Kottke ‘owls’ was the tune.
Thanks for seeing and feeling it , just blur out the peanut shaped ex, andall is perfect. Truly, was like God told me t make something beautful, even just for myself at least… took a year before I could share but that was the copyrighted music, ya know… but hey… Alberta is Beautiful.

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Dude, I smoke a bowl and remember nothing but beauty, thanks for sharing that with me.


I wanna share somethin else cool, but the most beautiful is theam made cooling pond at the power plant where I welded up the coal crusher rolls, was proud of that, here is the plant, and then ex’s hometown, followed by awesome twighligt o’er the power plant cooling area and resort/camping/swimming/slash awesome in sunset after, if in doubt, check last minutes out… first is the power plant sheerness alberta south of hanna, and it’s wonders, my dad and us… went to oversee construction when new in early eighties…

wait, and you also will see fields of Gold, and the hwy into heaven… just south of Delia. towards Drumheller, you will see.


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dude, look at at least the point of : here, but what a day this was, and this is the manmaade cooling pond for the sheerness power plant that got built in the eighties, and we had family picnics to watch, I surveyed the archeological area’s protection for native teepee rings, and sites, and measured and crawled, and strove to protect history as well as getting some shit paydirt working with awesome local folks… by God, what a blessing this place was to show us everything and where we all came from, folllow my vids, and if you walk thusm you will see everything that was under the great bear sea, oyster beds, bones, and more, in arid places, make your mind sore…

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so there, I live in one of the most wonderful places on earth… I take it. Even though it is flat, but that reminds me of my college days too, ya know?

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