One of Europe's largest data centers in France destroyed by fire

In helicopter crash…

Zombies dont need names

prolly blown up by Israel , all epstines backup files.

they did 911 I dont put anything past them

You’re forgetting Oklahoma where a truck bomb was supposed to have
taken the front off a ‘hardened’ building…oh, and which happened to
also destroy the evidence of, if i remember correctly, the NRON affair.

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Yes fck oath, and I think now that building 7 housed all the information/evidence of the missing Trillions.
Was it Timothy McVeigh that was responsible for the Oklahoma bombing, memory aint so good these days.

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Alot of coincidences lately…

I think it’s always deliberate. The level of control is such that it all but negates the existence of legitimate coincidences.

As always the question “Cui Bono?” shines a light on the guilty.

probably ccp work

That made my state of Kansas look like a bunch of crazed nuts. It’s all set up after set up. I bet your right about Epstein’s files…This is part of the reason i ask who the real parent company of this data company…Its just a thought.

For well managed systems housed in that building… likely little to no impact. Well designed & implemented (ISO-9000 / 9001 compliant), standard disaster prevention & recovery strategies & practices of automatic fail-over, off-site storage, real-time dynamic global database distribution & load balancing, etc… their systems shouldn’t miss a beat, barely even see a hiccup.

For those poorly managed systems… well, they’re totally screwed.

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It is and cui bono does.
Yes the global criminals dont work by coincidence thats right too.
You have a lot of clarity with respect.
Thats is f heartwarming to see here. :+1: :clap:
Who cares a petty difference of opinion, none of us has all the jigsaw pieces thats impossible, it might be a time of great horrors, but also a time of amazing awakenings,
so much wisdom of truth is being made known right now too.
Thats a blessing for those with eyes to see and ears to hear isnt it? :grinning:

Built in redundancy exactly.
Thats what makes me wonder?

I have a friend in France.
Just last night we discussed it.
He told me that both this incident and the fire could suggest that something much more serious is about to happen in their country.
Both the helicopter crash and the fire have many obscure points yet to be clarified.
The French situation is very hot.
The harsh repression carried out by the government through a series of measures strongly damaging individual freedoms is seriously endangering social stability.
Let’s wait … and pray.

One thing that came up recently was that the floors where one of
the supposed aircraft hit, can’t remember which tower, also was
right where data of an ‘embarrassing’ nature was located.

Yes, it was Timothy McVeigh. The ‘bomb’ took down the front of
the building in an arc - except for a little extra alcove of damage.
One vid I saw pointed out that this little “alcove” was centered
around one of the heavy steel supporting girders.
The theory was that steel supporting girders were taken out by
pre-planted charges; whoever placed them put one on the wrong
column thereby giving the game away.

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Did you see the series Mr Robot?
They managed to get round the suppression systems there!
It’s all controlled by computer you see!

Raspberry Pis have only gotten better too. Hackers can do anything.

Thank you Ripley I am not a IT guy. Thank for explaining it’s even I understood.

That’s not no accident!

I work in commercial ventillation and have had a little experiance with Data Centre cooling systems – Belive Me … The Fire Protection Procedures in these buildings is TOP NOTCH and everything is controlled via a BMS (Building Management System) to shut down and protect the entire building as soon as any type of Fire is even Detected! … Fire Dampers throughout the building, Fire Suppression and Ventillation designed to stop oxygen supply to fires from top to bottom floor – and there are Fire Tests carried out on a weekly basis!!!.. man!!! :joy::joy::joy: … Its either a catastrophic malfunction of Fire Safety or its deliberate!

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